Plan Prophet

Integration Add-On

Automate your Opportunity Follow-Up Process!

LoyaltyLoop is the perfect customer experience and review platform for printers and sign & graphics companies.

We've teamed up with our friends at Plan Prophet to combine the power of their CRM and Marketing Automation tool for printers, with LoyaltyLoop to make it even easier for you to drive sales to new highs.

This integration allows your LoyaltyLoop Leads and Referrals, generated from your feedback surveys, to flow into Plan Prophet so you can run automated follow-up campaigns that help you close more business.

In addition, your contact records in Plan Prophet will show you the last time the customer gave a response to your LoyaltyLoop survey, and their Net Promoter Score disposition (i.e., Promoter, Passive or Detractor).

Lastly, when viewing your customer record in Plan Prophet, you can directly click through to LoyaltyLoop

  • Automate Post-Feedback Sales Campaigns
  • Understand Customer Disposition
  • Gather Greater Customer Insights
plan prophet printers review tool

How much does it cost?

There is no additional cost to your LoyaltyLoop subscription.

How do I enable my Plan Prophet Integration?

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plan prophet printer review tool

How does the integration behave?

As new results flow in to LoyaltyLoop from your customer experience survey, your customer records are automatically updated in Plan Prophet. For example, whenever your LoyaltyLoop survey generates a new Lead or Referral, that opportunity will be pulled into your Plan Prophet. If you have an automated campaign set to run in Plan Prophet based on those results, the process will kick-off automatically.

Back inside LoyaltyLoop, you can see which Leads and Referrals have been engaged by Plan Prophet, and which ones resulted in closed net new business.

What LoyaltyLoop data is available in Plan Prophet?

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“You can't correct your problems without getting the bad with the good, and since our customers are given an outlet to voice concerns through LoyaltyLoop, we are now running at a much higher satisfaction rating than ever before. Thank you!”

Thomas M.

Aiken SC