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For our existing CustomerPulse subscribers

LoyaltyLoop is the latest version of SurveyAdvantage’s customer satisfaction feedback service that will be replacing CustomerPulse during 2018. While we loved CustomerPulse, all software products have the need to evolve as new technologies come into practice and it is time for us to retire CustomerPulse in product and in name.

LoyaltyLoop is built from the ground up using modern web development techniques to ensure it behaves like other modern web applications, and is capable of being extended by our team as new features are required to meet your needs. The enhancements and changes are based on your suggestions and requests over the years. You'll find LoyaltyLoop will feel fresh, faster and more intuitive than its predecessor.

What's in a name? While we loved the name CustomerPulse, we feel the name LoyaltyLoop better represents our overarching goal of helping you build loyal relationships with your customers.

Yes. LoyaltyLoop is the successor to our CustomerPulse service. All SurveyAdvantage subscribers will be upgraded and migrated at no additional cost to the corresponding LoyaltyLoop plan shown below in the coming months.

CustomerPulse subscribers will be migrated to LoyaltyLoop basic plan.

CustomerPulse with Marketing Module subscribers will be migrated to LoyaltyLoop promoter plan.

Once migrated, your old CustomerPulse dashboard will be deactivated and all your results will appear in your new LoyaltyLoop dashboard.

LoyaltyLoop will give you a single place to access all your customer feedback results. It consolidates what was called your General Report and Dashboard (in CustomerPulse) into a single, more intuitive interface. Here are just some of the new features:

  • View all LoyaltyLoop features here
  • Create Users to control which employees can access your service.
  • Monitor your customer satisfaction trend (Net Promoter Score) right from your LoyaltyLoop home page in an easy-to-read chart with editable date range.
  • New Satisfaction Thermometer sitting on top of your customer satisfaction chart. At a glance, it shows your overall customer satisfaction level for all time.
  • View your individual customer responses on a single page, sorted with your more recent responses displayed at the top of the list. Use the new filters to isolate the info you're looking for.
  • Publish (or un-publish) multiple testimonials simultaneously, or one at a time.
  • Hide testimonials you have already read and decided not to publish, so you can focus on just the newest ones.
  • Control who should receive email alerts, such as Poor Survey Alerts and Weekly Summary Reports.
  • Generate Poor Survey Alerts on your product quality and customer service questions in addition to your satisfaction (NPS) question.

No. Your customers will not see any significance difference in the way they experience your survey. Your email requests for feedback and your actual survey remain unchanged. Your Thank You pages and your 48-hour social media review reminder email have a slight graphical refresh. What is changing is how your survey results are presented to you - making it easier to access your results, understand, and use them.

The migration process will not happen automatically – you will be fully informed before and after the migration process. Migrations to LoyaltyLoop will start in March 2018 and are anticipated to run for the remainder of the year. Here is the process you can expect:

  1. Get Your Migration Date:
  2. In the coming weeks, SurveyAdvantage will send an email to your company indicating your company’s LoyaltyLoop migration date. This email will be sent twice, about 1 week apart. Both emails will be sent to all contacts we have for your company ensuring everyone is informed of your pending migration date to LoyaltyLoop;

  3. LoyaltyLoop login credentials: Do you already have a SurveyAdvantage login to access our online credit card billing system?
    • Yes I do. Great! This is your LoyaltyLoop login, and you are set as the primary Admin User for your company. Admin Users have the ability to create other Users who can access your LoyaltyLoop, and can manage billing. If you forgot your password, simply click “Lost your password?” link on the login page. If you forgot your Username or someone else should be the primary Admin User, please email support@loyaltyloop.com or give us a call (401-560-0311 option 3).
    • No I don’t. No problem! On your migration date, we will resend the LoyaltyLoop account verification email to our primary contact for your company. This is typically the person who originally subscribed to SurveyAdvantage, the owner, or business manager. You will confirm your LoyaltyLoop account and create a password from this email. Once set, your email address and newly set password are your LoyaltyLoop login credentials;
  4. Migrate: On your migration date, SurveyAdvantage will handle all the migration details behind the scenes. The primary Admin User will receive an email from us confirming the completion of your migration, and suggest you contact us to set up a time for us to walk you through your data to help you begin using LoyaltyLoop. But don’t wait for that. Go ahead and login and start using it. When you need help, we’re always here for you.

Once migrated, anytime you want to access LoyaltyLoop simply go to loyaltyloop.com or surveyadvantage.com and click the Login button in the upper right of the page.

Yes. All previously published testimonials via CustomerPulse, whether via the API or Widget, will remain published on your website and visible in your new LoyaltyLoop dashboard. It is possible that some very old testimonials may not be carried forward, but that will be the exception not the rule.

Yes. During the migration process, we will set up your new LoyaltyLoop alerts to be sent (via email) to the same people who had received your CustomerPulse alerts. In addition, your LoyaltyLoop dashboard gives you the option of changing who receives your alerts any time you wish. To change recipients go to Settings section beneath your login name, then click Alerts & Notifications.

NOTE FOR FRANCHISEES: If you are a franchisee and your alerts include franchisor staff, these alerts will remain active in the legacy system (not visible in your LoyaltyLoop account) until the new LoyaltyLoop Corporate Dashboards are released. If you have questions regarding if your alerts include franchisor staff, please contact our support team for assistance.

In order to ensure the meaningfulness of comparisons, industry/peer data will be temporarily suspended from presenting in LoyaltyLoop dashboards during the migration process. Once most customers have been migrated and the abundance is data is made available to the new LoyaltyLoop systems, industry/peer data will be resumed. It is anticipated that it will be resumed during the fall of 2018.

Yes. From the moment we began developing LoyaltyLoop, we regularly look at how legacy CustomerPulse features were implemented and seek opportunities to improve upon them. As a result, the feature set of LoyaltyLoop is not a direct parity (one-for-one) feature set match to legacy CustomerPulse. The vast majority of features have been carried forward, and in fact you'll find even more features than before. For example, you'll find the concept of Campaigns appearing throughout the product which allow you to execute follow-up email campaigns to further engage your customers.

There are 3 areas where not all legacy features/content have been implemented at this point:

  1. Industry Data: as explained in the above FAQ;
  2. Portions of the Opportunities Module (Leads and Referrals): Many of the legacy features have been carried forward, including opportunity ratings, and email templates. However, not every legacy feature has been carried forward at this point, as we anticipate making further enhancements to this module;
  3. Portions of Support section: Since LoyaltyLoop and CustomerPulse are fundamentally different, all support files and documentation are planned to be redone. Today, when you click Support within LoyaltyLoop we provide a quick method for emailing or calling our support team should you have any questions in the meantime.

Yes. You can create User accounts for others to access your LoyaltyLoop. It is a very simple process to add an employee to your LoyaltyLoop. Simply go to your Settings section, click Personal & User Settings. Under Users, click the plus (+) button and enter the person's email address. Select their rights - Admin or regular. That's it. They will receive an email asking them to confirm their new account and create a password.

Nothing. There is no charge to upgrade or migrate, and the price you've been paying for CustomerPulse is the same that you'll pay for LoyaltyLoop.

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