PACE Automation


Automate Your Feedback Loop!

LoyaltyLoop is the perfect customer experience and review platform for printers and sign & graphics companies.

When using the report automation functionality in PACE, your customer contact info (i.e., customers to be surveyed) will flow automatically to your LoyaltyLoop account. There are no reports to remember to run, and no manual uploads.

  • Set it, and forget it!
  • Engage customer soon after their transaction
  • Send requests as often as daily
  • Save time (and money) not running reports

Below, you'll find our PACE report and install guide, walking you through the PACE automation setup. Using the automation not only eliminates the work of sending contacts to LoyaltyLoop, but automates your survey to be sent on a weekly (or daily) schedule, closer to when the customer worked with you.

Moving the feedback request closer to when the customer experienced your business can increase both the quality and quantity of feedback and reviews.

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What are the PACE requirements?

There are 3 requirements to utilize the PACE Automation for LoyaltyLoop:

  1. You must have the PACE Custom Reports module.
  2. You must be signed into PACE with an Administrator Account.
  3. You must have the LoyaltyLoop PACE Custom Report saved someplace accessible to the computer running PACE.

How much does it cost?

There is no additional cost to your LoyaltyLoop subscription.

How do I configure my PACE automation?

  1. Download the LoyaltyLoop-PACE Custom Report, saving it to a known place on your PACE computer.
  2. Download and follow our Custom Report Automation Guide
  3. If you run into any issues, please contact our support team ( or 888-552-5667 option 3.

What details are pulled from the LoyaltyLoop-PACE Custom Report?

The report sends your LoyaltyLoop the last 30 days of PACE transactions and associated Job Contacts based on the PACE invoice Posted Date. You do not need to worry about the same transactions appearing in subsequent reports. LoyaltyLoop automatically applies filters to avoid over-touching the same contact email address. This enables you to instruct LoyaltyLoop to launch your surveys as frequently as daily, or as infrequently as monthly, with the confidence of knowing the same contact (email address) will not be surveyed repeatedly.

Which contact in PACE will be surveyed?

The survey will be sent to the Job Contact associated with your PACE invoice transaction that have a Posted Date.

Which PACE fields are included in the automation?

The custom report includes the most common fields related to a PACE Invoice record, and specifically the contact details for the Job Contact. If you do not see a PACE field that you require, please contact our support team, and we'll be happy to explore the possibility of adding it.

  1. email
  2. contact first name
  3. contact last name
  4. contact title
  5. phone
  6. fax number
  7. customer
  8. customer ID
  1. sales person
  2. entered by
  3. address line 1
  4. city
  5. state
  6. zip
  7. account title
  1. invoice num
  2. ship to job contact
  3. bank account ID
  4. invoice date
  5. posted date
  6. total price
  7. description

“You can't correct your problems without getting the bad with the good, and since our customers are given an outlet to voice concerns through LoyaltyLoop, we are now running at a much higher satisfaction rating than ever before. Thank you!”

Thomas M.

Aiken SC