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Sign up your customers

When you become an Affiliate, you offer LoyaltyLoop to your own customers. If you’re already a customer, helping your customers understand the value of LoyaltyLoop will be easy. If you're a marketing firm or consultant, we're here to help. Our team will even give web demos and help with larger more complicated sales situations.

We do the work

When your customer signs up via your Affiliate Form, there's a clean hand-off to LoyaltyLoop to manage everything from that point forward. We handle everything including service configuration, survey customizations, billing, training, phone and email support so your customer can enjoy LoyaltyLoop just as you do.

Ongoing commissions = Pure profit!

Every customer who signs up via your Affiliate Form earns you a commission of 10% of any initial setup fees, plus 10% of the ongoing subscription fees – for as long as they're subscribed! And since we do all the heavy lifting for you, your recurring commissions are pure profit right to your bottom line!

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Login to your account, then click your Username and then Affiliate Program.


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Ideal for existing LoyaltyLoop customers, digital marketing firms, and independent web/seo experts. Help solve the online review problem for your clients once and for all, while also helping them listen to the feedback from their clients, strengthen their brand, and grow! Choose the right option for you below.


Promote your Affiliate Form

Add your Affiliate Form to your website to market LoyaltyLoop. Use the provided, pre-built branded page, or add your form to a custom page. Remember, only customers who sign up via your Affiliate form qualify you to earn commissions. The form presents LoyaltyLoop at our regularly published prices, and handles all sign up details including credit card collection.


Grow a recurring profit stream!

Begin growing your recurring profit stream by siging up your customers. It couldn't be easier for you to begin earning commissions. You can track your pending Affiliate payments from your free LoyaltyLoop account, and all payments are made automatically via electronic transfer.