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customer review software

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What is Customer Review Software?

Customer review software is typically Internet-based service or program that helps businesses by collecting feedback from customers. This can include collecting and automatically encouraging customers to post reviews online, generating testimonials, measuring customer sentiment, and responding to negative customer feedback.

Most customer review software allows you to view a snapshot of customer satisfaction at any given time and also identify trends over a longer period of time.

customer review software

What are Customer Reviews?

Customer reviews are comments posted by your customers on social media, review sites, and business listings. They “live” online in sites such as Google, Facebook, your website, and industry-specific websites such as,, or Positive reviews can be used in your marketing as testimonials and negative reviews can help you improve your business and identify areas for improvement.

Why are Customer Reviews Important?

Depending on your industry, you can attract new business in different ways. In-person referrals and traditional advertising are examples of how you can get new customers.

However, consumers are researching and purchasing products online like never before, so business can now come from online searches. Your customer starts their online customer journey by either searching generically for your product or going directly to your website.

The Internet provides a seemingly unlimited amount of product information, allowing consumers to compare competitors. A key element of this research includes reading reviews. While you can be sure your potential customers are looking at your website, you can also be sure that they are reading reviews from past customers on review websites. Customer reviews are from people just like them who used your product or service. Humans are naturally affiliative, so it makes sense that we would trust other people’s experiences.

It’s important to have fresh, authentic online reviews to make a good impression when people are searching for your service online. Utilizing customer review software can help save you time and money to get online reviews.

In addition to the influence a great customer review can play in an individual’s purchasing experience, it can also boost your rankings in online search results. For example, the experts at Moz say 15% of all local pack search results come from review signals driven by Google reviews. Specifically, Google looks for a balance of three review signals including quantity, velocity and diversity of reviews. While you should deploy multiple tactics for increasing your SEO, getting reviews on Google is something you can control that has a direct impact on your SEO.

customer review software

How Does Customer Review Software Work?

After a transaction is complete, or on a periodic schedule if you offer a recurring service, the customer review software automatically sends an email to your customer. It asks the customer to gauge how satisfied they are with your product or service and whether they could recommend your business to others. If they don't feel they could recommend your business or they say they had a bad experience, you get notified right away so that you can respond and hopefully remedy the situation. If they say they had a great experience and can recommend you, the customer review software encourages they share their feedback in an online review on sites like Google, Facebook, Home Advisor, Angie's List (or others) - making you look even better online for the next person who is searching for your product!

In addition to understanding your customer’s feelings and generating reviews, the customer review software also reminds them of other services you provide. Even your best customers might not know all that you offer. Customer review software will help promote other services to customers to stimulate additional sales. With LoyaltyLoop’s customer review software, you can grow your business by leveraging the great service you already provide and encouraging your customers to tell their story!

How Would I Set Up Customer Review Software?

1. Choose a Customer Review Software.

There are many options when choosing a customer review software for your business. Some are industry-specific and are optimized to receive certain types of feedback from certain types of customers. Many are customizable for any business size or industry, such as LoyaltyLoop’s customer review software.

2. Set your business’ goals.

In order to create an effective strategy within your customer review software, you need to set some goals as a business. Are you trying to grow your customer base? Increase customer retention? Increase positive perception of your brand? These goals should be specific, measurable, and set within an identified timeframe.

3. Decide which metrics you need to measure to track your goals.

The goals you are hoping to achieve will influence which metrics you measure. The most common metric to measure customer sentiment is Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is a simple metric that allows you to gauge your customer’s emotional connection and sentiment with your business. It is calculated by asking one question: How likely is it that you would recommend our company to friends and colleagues? The customer responds on a scale of 0 (very unlikely) to 10 (very likely). Those who answer 0-6 are considered ‘Detractors,’ who are not satisfied. Scores of 7-8 are ‘Passive’ or on the fence. The happiest, most satisfied customers who score 9-10 are considered ‘Promoters.’ Promoters are your biggest fans and are highly engaged with you brand.

4. Integrate with the Customer Review Software.

Your customer contact info needs to flow into the customer review software in order for it to engage your customers. If your customer data resides in a CRM, back-office software, billing system, or a combination, there are usually automations available so your customer data can automatically flow into the customer review software. For example, with LoyaltyLoop’s customer review software there are integrations available for most popular CRMs and back-office systems that can be configured with ease. LoyaltyLoop will also filter and adjust the list of customers to be surveyed to avoid over-touching customers. Once the customers are in the customer review software, the software intelligently engages customers, without you lifting a finger!

customer review software

5. Measure, measure, measure

Thankfully, with LoyaltyLoop’s customer review software, you do not have to individually monitor each customer’s response. The customer replies to the software’s request for feedback and reviews are automatically posted by customers on Google and other sites of your choosing. At a click of a button, you can post customer testimonials on your website and to your social media followers. Plus, customer review software notifies you immediately if the customer indicates they had a bad experience, allowing you to remedy the situation.

6. Improve your business based on what the information is telling you.

The customer review software online dashboard keeps track of it all for you, allowing you to focus on improving the parts of your business that your customers indicate need improvement. The reviews keep coming automatically and you can track your progress toward your goals.

Save Time, Help Your Business, and Get More Customers!

You’re focused on your business. From taking client calls, managing your team, paying the bills, ordering materials - your time is precious. Gauging and managing your customer’s experience after the job is done takes time that you likely don’t have. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an online tool to keep track of how your customers are feeling? LoyaltyLoop’s customer review software does the work for you by automatically encouraging online reviews, and measuring your customer’s satisfaction.

customer review software