LoyaltyLoop Integrations

Connect your systems to LoyaltyLoop

So how do you get your contact data into LoyalyLoop to drive your customer feedback and review process? There are 3 basic options:

  1. Automatically via Integrations & Automations
  2. Drag & drop your files into your Launch Pad
  3. Send an email to us using your unique Launch File Email Address

To streamline your process of engaging customers for feedback and reviews, we always recommend exploring all available integrations and automations for your systems. Whether your customer data resides in a back-office system, accounting system, CRM, or more, we support several integrations and automations.

What's an Integration?

An integration is a programmatic way of connecting your back-office systems and LoyaltyLoop. Configuring an integration takes only a couple of minutes, and our experts are happy to assist. Once connected, your customer contact details flow automatically into LoyaltyLoop. This allows LoyaltyLoop to initiate your feedback loop, without the need to have you manually upload data.

We have both native integrations and Zapier integrations, for many common back-office systems, accounting systems, and CRMs.

What's an Automation?

An automation is a way to automatically email a file to LoyaltyLoop that contains the appropriate customer contact data. This is typically handled inside the reporting feature of your back-office software. Many software systems allow you to create a report, schedule it to run on a recurring basis, and email it to someone. If your systems provide this capability, our exports will help you generate and schedule the report, and ensure it will be emailed to your unique Launch File Email Address so it flows directly into your account.

Featured Integrations...

Automate the flow of contact data from your PrintSmith Vision system to streamline your feedback and online review process.

Leverage the power of Corebridge, and integrate it with LoyaltyLoop to streamline your feedback and review process.

Connect your iRestore to LoyaltyLoop and automate your feedback and review process with ease.

Drive more reviews for your dealership by leveraging the C-Systems integration for LoyaltyLoop.

Use the DocketManager Zap in Zapier to connect to LoyaltyLoop and automate your feedback and review loop.

Connect LoyaltyLoop to thousands of applications in Zapier to drive automations for your feedback loop.