LoyaltyLoop is an easy and affordable customer feedback service for any business
Online review management software platform using customer loyalty surveys to gather reviews and testimonials.

Get Customer Feedback

LoyaltyLoop regularly gather valuable insight from your active customers, or throughout their entire experience - from prospects, to active customers, to dormant accounts. Discover which customers are loyal and which are not, and take action to convert unhappy customers into loyal customers.

Manage Satisfaction

Customer relationship management software that will track your Net Promoter Score® (NPS) and compare your performance to others. LoyaltyLoop sends immediate alerts if a customer has a bad experience. Be in position to take action to rectify and proactively manage the situation, and avoid negative online reviews that hurt your reputation.

Encourage Online Reviews

Your best customers can be your best advocates. Online reviews they post on Google, Facebook and other review sites strongly influence others. LoyaltyLoop will automatically encourage your happy and loyal customers to post online reviews, to help promote your business to others.

Increase Sales

Your loyal customers want to do more business with you, are typically your most profitable customers, and more inclined to refer friends and colleagues. LoyaltyLoop will help you discover new business with your existing customers and gather referrals from your happy customers.

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Customer feedback surveys personalized for you
managed by us!

You're busy running your business. Let our experts manage your feedback process.

We Do The Work

We know you're busy running your business, so you can rely on our team to help you every step of the way. We will set up your survey and services to fit your business needs.

Net Promoter Score® Calculation

Track your overall customer satisfaction level, monitor the trends over time, and compare your business to others.

Personalized and Branded

Using variable data your customers receive personalized requests for feedback from you (sent from your email address), branded by your company.

Gather Reviews

Automatically encourage loyal customers to post online reviews on popular sites like Google and Facebook to help promote your business and improve your online presence. Learn more

Post New Testimonials

With a click of a button, publish testimonials (customer comments from your survey) to your website, Facebook page, and other social media sites. Learn more

Email Alerts

Receive email alerts to keep you up-to-date on your customer feedback process. Quickly respond to dissatisfied customers to proactively manage the situation.

Easy-to-Use Owner Dashboard

Results are presented in your dashboard supporting one or multiple locations. Graphs and tables display results, and actions such as publishing testimonials are simple and intuitive.

Powerful Enterprise Dashboard

For large corporations, franchise networks, and consultants LoyaltyLoop Enterprise aggregates results from many individual LoyaltyLoop accounts, arming you with data to help all corporation, franchisee network, or clients deliver outstanding customer experiences to strengthen the business and brand.

Data Integrations

Leverage one of our integrations or standard reports to generate your survey launch data with customer contact details, or leverage our REST API.

Reviews vs. Testimonials

Encourage loyal customers to promote you in multiple ways.



To ensure authentic customer reviews, online reviews sites like Google and Facebook require the review be posted by your customer. LoyaltyLoop will automatically encourage your customers to post their review on your selected reviews sites. We make it easy for your customer to post their review, and easy for you to build your online business persona to promote your business to others.

Customer relationship management software - Net Promoter Score® (NPS) tracking


When customers take your survey, many will provide comments. Many customers will give you permission to use their words in your marketing. LoyaltyLoop makes it easy for you to share these positive customer experiences directly on your website or use in your other marketing materials. Publish testimonials in seconds, and keep your website fresh with positive customer stories.

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Pricing and Plans

Monthly plans auto-bill on the 1st of each month, and have no contract - cancel anytime before your next month billing and owe nothing more.

Your first month bill will be pro-rated based on your sign-up date. Pre-pay for 12-months of service and save 10%.

  • basic plan
  • $69 / mo
  • Buy Now!
  • $200 one-time setup fee

  • Customer feedback survey
  • Simple 1-question satisfaction survey
  • Get alerts to react to dissatisfied customers
  • Gather customer comments
  • Send surveys as frequently as weekly
  • Survey up to 1,000 contacts per month
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Add a location at $49/mo plus $50 one-time setup
  • Most Popular
  • promoter plan
  • $99 / mo
  • Buy Now!
  • $300 one-time setup fee

  • All the features of the basic plan, plus...
  • Add survey questions as needed
  • Automatically encourage online reviews on

  • Easily publish testimonials to your website
  • Share published testimonials with your followers on

  • Find new business via customer referrals
  • Discover more business with existing customers
  • Launch lead follow-up campaigns
  • Send surveys as frequently as daily
  • Survey up to 5,000 contacts per month
  • Add a location at $69/mo plus $50 one-time setup
  • enterprise plan
  • Call
  • (401) 560-0311

  • Call to learn how LoyaltyLoop Enterprise can help you deliver outstanding customer experiences across your network, and build a stronger franchise brand today.

Are you part of a franchise network, yet don't have a program with LoyaltyLoop? Contact us and we'll be happy to explain our franchise programs.

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