April 2018

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!

For small and large businesses alike, accumulating large numbers of reviews can be a cost-effective form of organic promotion. Enlisting your most loyal customers to work as your own brand ambassadors promoting your services, can save money on your bottom line. Surprisingly, an increase in revenue can be often attributed to an increase in 5-star reviews.

In fact, Harvard Business School student Michael Luca, had discovered these reviews ultimately have a positive effect on revenue in the restaurant industry. In his research working paper Reviews, Reputation, and Revenue: The Case of Yelp.com, Michael noticed a "one-star increase in Yelp ratings leads to a 5-9 percent increase in revenue". Gaining more happy customers to leave reviews, can save you advertising dollars while attracting new prospect customers. However, the effort required to consistently gather reviews over time can often be overlooked.

Gathering positive online reviews is a function of how many satisfied customers you have. The greater the number of satisfied customers, the greater the potential they'll advocate for you and post online reviews. By default, your SurveyAdvantage service is set to encourage your Promoter customers to post an online review. Promoters are your most satisfied customers as measured by a top score response (e.g. "Very Likely") to your survey question "How likely is it you would recommend us to friends or colleagues".

To help you create growing numbers of satisfied customers, your service also helps you identify non-promoters (aka Passive and Detractor customers) so you can develop improvements to your business that may help them become promoters. One way we help you create more satisfied customers is through a Poor Survey Alert sent to you when a customer answers the Recommend question with a neutral to negative response. Within minutes of receiving the Poor Survey Alert, you can be on the phone with the customer proactively managing the situation. The very act of acknowledging and listening to your dissatisfied customer can have a big impact on both the customer's attitude toward your business, and you truly understanding changes you may need to make. Improve the customer's experience, and the reviews will follow

LoyaltyLoop migration update

In our winter newsletter we announced of our new and improved platform, LoyaltyLoop. LoyaltyLoop has been built from the ground up, incorporating many enhancements and suggestions from you. We encourage you to check it out on our website or call for a live demo. You'll find LoyaltyLoop will be a fresher and more intuitive experience than CustomerPulse.

We have begun the process of migrating customers over to LoyaltyLoop. Here is the general migration order based on your existing CustomerPulse subscription. For additional details please visit our migration page.

Migration phases:

March through July: Subscribers of CustomerPulse with Marketing Module single location

August through October: Subscribers of...

a. CustomerPulse with Marketing Module multi-location (and multi-survey)

b. CustomerPulse (base service) subscribers

c. Corporate Dashboards

Per the migration process outlined in our migration FAQ page, be on the lookout for your company's migration date email.

Sharing your results in LoyaltyLoop

As typical with most modern web applications, our new LoyaltyLoop service is a user-based system. With this change, there are now 2 ways in which you can share the results of your LoyaltyLoop service with others: (1) Email Reports only and (2) Login and System Access.

(1) Email Reports Only

Your LoyaltyLoop service can send a variety of informative emails about your service and the results of your surveys. For example, the service can send a Weekly Summary Email of all your feedback results for the prior period. This email report provides summary data only (e.g. the number of new responses, the number of new testimonials, etc.) You can set the system to send these emails to anyone. To include someone on an Email Report, log in to your LoyaltyLoop account, and go to your Settings (click on your username and you'll see Settings). Then click on Alerts & Notifications. Click the pencil under the Modify heading for the Email Report. Click the plus (+) button to add a new recipient and enter their email address. Click Save and you're done. Reminder - only Email Reports that are set to "Active - Yes" are sent.

(2) Login and System Access

If you want someone to have access to all the details of your LoyaltyLoop service and be able to manage the results (e.g. read customer comments, publish testimonials, etc), you can create Users. A User will have a username and password, and will be able to login to your LoyaltyLoop account. In addition, when a User views an Email Report they can click on the reported data (e.g. new testimonials) and it will log them into their LoyaltyLoop account so they can view all the details and take action.

There are 2 ways to create a new User.

(1) Self-Service: As an Admin User you can create/manage other Users. Log in to your LoyaltyLoop account, and go to your Settings (click on your username and you'll see Settings). Then click on User Settings in the Admin section. From there just click the plus (+) in the User section and enter the basic details about your new User. You can give Users standard rights, or full "Admin" rights which also gives them access to billing details and the ability to create/manage Users. Upon saving your new User, the system will send an email to the User to confirm their credentials and allow them access.

(2) Concierge Service: Any Admin on your account can email our team at support@loyaltyloop.com and request we create your new Users. The Admin would need to provide the name, email address and rights (standard or Admin) and our team will create the new Users for you. If the rights are not specified, we will create only standard Users. For security reasons, SurveyAdvantage will not create new Users unless a LoyaltyLoop Admin from your company authorizes us to do so via email.

Check out our new website!

With the announcement of our next-generation feedback service, LoyaltyLoop, you may have noticed our website is all brand new as well.You'll find lots of details about LoyaltyLoop, including screenshots of the new interface under the Features section. You'll also notice a Login button in the upper right corner of the screen. Once migrated over to LoyaltyLoop, this is how you'll access your dashboard. Our new website is at surveyadvantage.com and loyaltyloop.com.