August 2023


Supercharge Your Feedback Skills: The 3 C’s - Comprehend, Compare, and Correct.

Receiving negative feedback is an integral part of your business journey, and how you choose to address it defines your commitment to growth and improvement.

Let's explore the power of the 3 C's - Comprehend, Compare, Correct - as a roadmap for navigating and leveraging negative feedback:

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1. Comprehend: 🤔

Before reacting, take a deep breath and truly understand the feedback. Listen attentively and empathetically. Comprehension goes beyond the surface - delve into the underlying concerns and emotions. Every piece of feedback is an opportunity to gain insights into your customers' needs and perceptions. Analyze where and when the problem began in the customers journey and how it could have been avoided.

Tip: With LoyaltyLoop you can view your feedback with the included launch data to better understand your customers point of view.

loyaltyloop expanded client data

2. Compare: 📊

Once you understand the feedback and the complexities associated with the situation, assess it against other feedback you've received. Compare it with your existing strategies, values, and industry best practices. Is the feedback aligned with your company's mission? Does it resonate with other similar feedback you've received? Comparing helps you discern whether the feedback reflects an isolated incident or a pattern that needs addressing.

Tip: Feedback By Comments allows you to search keywords to identify patterns.

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3. Correct: ✅

Acknowledging and acting on negative feedback shows authenticity and dedication to improvement. Correcting doesn't just mean fixing the immediate issue; it involves proactive measures to prevent similar situations in the future. Be sure to avoid an "over-correction" and complicate the process for all customers due to an isolated incident. Communicate your plan to address the feedback transparently with your customer and your team. It's an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to excellence and building trust with your stakeholders.

In a world of continuous innovation, the 3 C's provide a framework to channel negative feedback into positive momentum. Embrace the discomfort, turn it into an opportunity for growth, and let it propel your business towards even greater heights. Remember, it's not about avoiding criticism, but about using it as a stepping stone to success. 🚀


Celebrate Your Promoters!

We talk a lot at LoyaltyLoop about Net Promoter Score and understanding your Promoter, Passive, and Detractor customers. Once you have that information, what do you do with it? Well Promoters are your biggest fans, so you can be celebrating them to make them feel special! They are out there talking about your brand, why not spend a little time bringing them in and given the golden treatment? Not only will they feel all the warm fuzzies, they will continue to be loyal – win, win! Here are great ideas from Forbes for celebrating your Promoters/super fans.

man in spotlight

Feature Promoters in a Customer Spotlight.

Your promoters already love you and want to talk about you – now it’s your turn to talk about them! On your social media, website, or email newsletter you could feature a customer every week, month, or quarter. If you are using your review or customer software correctly, you should be able to pick out your super fans and ask if they would be comfortable being featured on your channels.


Say ‘Thank-You’ When Recognizing Customer Milestones.

Your customer knows how long they have been loyal to you – make them see that you know too! Recognize their loyalty with an email, text, or whatever method they like to communicate. The milestones can be based on length of time, number of sessions, or other metric that makes sense for your business. Celebrate them, they are worth it!


Offer Exclusive Sneak-Peak Opportunities.

Your customers want to feel special. Consider letting them ‘in on the secret’ next time you have a big announcement. If they are the first to know they will feel like you trust them and that they are part of your brand, not outside of it. You could also offer behind the scenes tours, exclusive Q&A sessions, or other opportunities based on your industry.

Click here to read more ideas from Forbes about recognizing and celebrating your Promoter customers.

Photos by Leonardo Machado, RDNE Stock project, and Liza Summer on Pexels.


Did you know you can see which email addresses failed to be sent?

Incorrect email addresses, full mailboxes, offline mail servers, and more can all cause emails to go undelivered. You can find the failed email addresses of your customers by visiting your Undeliverable Email report in LoyaltyLoop.

Periodically review your Undelivered Emails list, and look for obvious errors. Here are a few common issues to look for:

  • Old/wrong email: Is the email address provided to LoyaltyLoop in fact an active email address?
  • Misspelled email: Did you misspell part of the customer's name or domain?
  • Malformed email: Is the email address malformed in some way, either missing characters or has extra ones that don't belong?

If you find a mistake in your email address, the solution is to fix it in your source system. Then, when your data is sent to LoyaltyLoop the next time, that email address will be correct.

Remember, LoyaltyLoop is only as good as the data you feed it. Uploading bad email addresses is analogous to mailing a letter to a physical address that doesn’t exist. The mail goes back to the post office, and is sometimes ‘returned to sender’. Double-check your customer email addresses before uploading them to LoyaltyLoop to minimize undelivered emails.

loyaltyloop undeliverable emails

Did you know you can set your FROM email to have a "friendly name"?

When someone receives email, their email client software determines what they see. Most email clients support what is called an email “from name” or “friendly name”. The “friendly name” is how you wish to be identified in email, and is what is displayed to the recipient when viewing your emails. The ‘friendly name’ is typically the sender’s first and last name. When a ‘friendly name’ is not provided, the recipient will only see the sender’s email address, which is not always obvious or friendly looking.

To ensure the best experience for your customers, make sure your friendly name is set. Go to your Settings, then Sender & Signatures. Click the edit icon next to the signature you want to check, and view the value in the “Sender Name” section. If the Sender Name is blank, make sure to add your friendly name, and then click Save Changes. That’s it. Now, when customers get your LoyaltyLoop emails, they’ll see your friendly name in their email client and will be more likely to read it.

loyaltyloop friendly email name