July 2018

NEW FEATURE: Enhanced Poor Survey Alerts

As of June 26th, LoyaltyLoop now offers greater poor survey alert configuration. In the past you could trigger a poor survey alert on your customer satisfaction survey question (i.e. 'How likely are you to recommend us to a friend of colleague?'). Now, you can also trigger a poor survey alert on the product quality and customer service survey questions. In addition you can include 'passive' customers (those answering with a neutral response to the question) in addition to your 'detractor' customers (those answering with a negative response).

By default, poor survey alerts are configured to fire when negative feedback is given to the customer satisfaction survey question. To enable poor survey alerts for your product quality and customer service questions, or to trigger when customers provide either neutral (passive) or negative (detractor) feedback, you can either a) instruct our Support Team to enable them for you, or you can set this yourself.

To set these options yourself, sign in to LoyaltyLoop and click your username to access the Settings menu. Then click Alerts & Notifications, then click the pencil to edit your Poor Survey Alert. On that screen (shown below), check the boxes that say "Include Product and Service Questions", and "Include Passives". The system will still generate one poor survey alert if the customer answers negatively (or neutral to negative) on any of the three questions.

Lastly, and as a reminder...if you only have one person set to receive your poor survey alerts, consider adding a second employee. This employee should be instructed on how to follow-up and address poor survey alerts with your customer should they trigger when you're on vacation. Don't let an angry customer stew while you're away. Add a back-up contact so you can manage this customer's experience even if you're away.

UPDATE: How do I sign-in to LoyaltyLoop?

Once you have received the email confirming your account has been migrated to LoyaltyLoop, your username will be provided in that email. To sign in to your LoyaltyLoop account, simply visit our website and click the green Login button in upper right corner.

All customers who had previously created log in credentials to our billing system, will be able to use that same username and password to access LoyaltyLoop. If your company has been migrated but you don't have a username yet, your LoyaltyLoop admin (typically the person who originally sign-up) can create a user account for you, or he/she can email our Support Team permission to set up your User account on his/her behalf.

UPDATE: Facebook App

In the face of much public pressure, Facebook is tightening-up its security as it relates to the posting content on their platform. SurveyAdvantage offered a Facebook app that allowed you to add a custom tab on your Facebook page to display your testimonials when they became published on your website via our Publisher Widget. As of May 1, 2018, Facebook suddenly changed their practices and now requires you have at least 2000 or more fans before you can add a custom tab for content on your Facebook page. If our app was installed prior to this change, it still appears to work fine for now. This change only affects the ability to display your published testimonials on your Facebook page. It does not affect your customers posting reviews on your Facebook page, nor does it affect your ability to share testimonials to your Facebook wall when using the share button from within your Testimonial Publisher page of LoyaltyLoop. While we are working to have our app functional again for all customers, there are several third-party services that allow you to add a custom tab to your Facebook page, including woobox.com and fbapp.us. Our Support Team can help you add a custom tab via one of these 3rd party services so you can then display your SurveyAdvantage testimonials on your Facebook page.

INFORMATIVE: Reviews vs. Testimonials - What’s the Difference?

The use of the terms “reviews” and “testimonials” can be confusing as many companies use them interchangeably. Let's take a moment to clarify them in the context of your SurveyAdvantage LoyaltyLoop services. You'll also find this explanation on our website here.

We refer to a "testimonial" as customer-generated-content that you may use in your marketing. Testimonials are generated when your customer completes your survey and provides a comment, and they have granted you permission to use their comments in your marketing. The key attribute of a testimonial is the fact that you are in control of how and where to use it. You can publish testimonials to your website using our Publisher Widget, share them on your social media platforms (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc) using our share feature, or include them in your newsletters, signage for your office, or other marketing. Testimonials are a wonderful way to promote your business and engage prospective customers who are considering doing business with you.

An online "review", on the other hand, is a comment about your business that is posted online by someone else. If you're subscribed to our full service, your customers are automatically encouraged to post reviews when they are surveyed. There are many review sites, with Google and Facebook as the most popular for general business reviews, and industry-specific review sites like Angie's List and Trip Advisor. The key difference is the fact that someone other than you controls the posting of the online review, whereas you control the posting of a testimonial. Online reviews are typically posted by a customer who intends to help others learn about your business based on that customer's experiences. Word to the wise, don't try to post a review about your own business or ask employees to do this. Most review sites are smart enough to detect this and will ding you if they catch you. The collection of online reviews on a given review site creates an 'online persona' of your business, and can greatly influence prospective customers. In addition, Google reviews help increase your local search engine optimization (SEO), hence employing a review strategy makes good business sense.

LoyaltyLoop Migration Status

We are well into the migration of all customers over to LoyaltyLoop. There is no cost to migrate, and there is nothing you need to do. For additional details please visit our migration page. Here is the general migration order:

  1. March through July: Subscribers of...
    • CustomerPulse with Marketing Module with a single location accounts will be migrated to LoyaltyLoop promoter plan
  2. August through October: Subscribers of...
    • CustomerPulse with Marketing Module multi-location (and multi-survey) accounts will be migrated to LoyaltyLoop promoter plan
    • CustomerPulse (base service) accounts will be migrated to LoyaltyLoop basic plan
    • Corporate dashboards will be migrated to updated corporate dashboards

Per the migration process outlined in our migration FAQ page, be on the lookout for your company’s migration date email.