September 2020

NEW Enhancement: Testimonial Widgets & Badges

Proudly display your customer testimonials and ratings on your website

Customer testimonials are a powerful way to share all the wonderful reasons why customers love doing business with you. What better way to tell your success story than in the very words of your customers? When you use our Testimonial Publisher feature, you can publish fresh customers testimonials to your website in seconds.

With this new release, you now have 4 widgets, giving you 4 ways in which you can display your testimonials on your site. Each widget has its own set of attributes allowing you to tailor what is displayed, and each has the ability to add custom CSS to further adjust the widget’s appearance.

To use a widget, go to Settings and then select the location. On the location's Settings page, click Testimonial Publisher Widgets. You'll now see a table with your active Testimonial Publisher widget shown. To preview this widget click the eye icon (), to edit the widget's settings click the gear icon (), or to delete the widget click the X icon (). To create a new widget, click the plus icon () and you'll see the 4 widgets from which you can choose. Click the Select button to configure and create your new widget.

Once you've created your new widget, copy the Widget Code (the 2 lines of HTML) and place them on your website where you want your testimonials or badge to display. Make your web page updates live, and then publish a few testimonials in LoyaltyLoop and refresh your webpage to see them appear. Have questions or need help? Give us a ring at 401-560-0311 option 3, or drop our Support Team an email at

LoyaltyLoop Testimonial Publisher Widget LoyaltyLoop Testimonial Publisher Widget

Vertical Testimonials

This is our original widget. Use it to display your testimonials in a vertical list.

LoyaltyLoop Testimonial Publisher Widget

Horizontal Testimonials

Use this widget to display your testimonials in a compact horizontal row.

LoyaltyLoop Testimonial Publisher Widget

Vertical Badge

Use this badge to display just your overall rating in a compact manner.

LoyaltyLoop Testimonial Publisher Widget

Horizontal Badge

Use this badge display a minimalistic summary of your rating horizontally

LoyaltyLoop Testimonial Publisher Widget

NEW Enhancement: Campaigns

Test, Edit, Pause and Delete Scheduled Campaigns

We’ve released several enhancements to the Campaign feature in LoyaltyLoop. You can now send a test campaign, pause and delete campaigns, and edit campaigns that are scheduled or paused.

When creating a campaign, you’ll now see a new action button at the bottom titled “Send Test Campaign”. Click it, and you’ll be asked to enter the email address to whom you’d like to send the test campaign. You can send the test campaign to anyone. Sending a test campaign to yourself is a great way to ensure the email will appear exactly as you intended.

To delete, edit or pause a scheduled campaign, click Launches from the left main menu, then Campaign History from the top menu. Find the scheduled campaign in question, then click the icon in the Status column to perform the desired action: Cancel/delete (), Edit (), pause ()

LoyaltyLoop Edit Campaign

NEW Enhancement: Feedback by Filter

Run reports for greater insight into customer attitudes

On your Feedback tab, we’ve made some great enhancements to the powerfulFeedback by Filter reporting. Now you can choose the questions to include in your report, as well as type of calculation presented in the output. You can choose between a traditional satisfaction score (CSAT) calculation or a Net Promoter ScoreSM (NPS®) calculation.

LoyaltyLoop Feedback By Filter

The traditional satisfaction calculation provides the percent of all positive responses relative to all responses. For example, if you have a question asking how satisfied your customers are with your product quality, and the choices are “Very Satisfied”, “Satisfied”, “Not Sure”, “Unsatisfied” and “Very Unsatisfied”, the calculation would take the sum of respondents who are “Very Satisfied” plus “Satisfied” and divide it by the total number of respondents. This gives your a percentage between 0% and 100%.

When using the NPS calculation, it will take sum of respondents who chose the top choice or choices (aka “Promoters”) minus the number of respondents who chose the bottom choices (“Detractors”), and divide it by the total number of respondents. This gives you a score between -100 and +100.

Here’s an example of how you can use this powerful reporting. Let’s assume the data you send to LoyaltyLoop includes the sales rep who manages the surveyed customer. You can now run a report to see the NPS rating of all customers who are managed by each sales rep. Looking at the variation in ratings will help you target areas for improvement and enable your sales reps to help create more loyal customers.

In the above example, the goal here isn’t to reprimand anyone, but to find out how the better performing reps can help the others to improve. Use this information to round-table techniques and strategies that will help improve the relationship between your business and all your customers. In a very short time, you'll see overall customer satisfaction improve and with it, customer loyalty.

TIP: Communicating Clearly with Customers

Every industry is famous for having its own slang and lingo often for the sake of inclusiveness or efficiency. But your customers are not insiders. When communicating with them, consider the advice of authors Strunk and White in their book, The Elements of Style: "Be clear." For example, Variety Magazine is especially famous for their impenetrable, industry slang: "Smith's Ankle From Mouse Feevee Skein Socko" translates as "Smith quitting a Disney pay TV series turned out well".

The above is a perfect example of slang, it is a way of communicating that is outside of conventional usage and understanding it leads to bonding within an industry. Lingo refers to language that is used regionally. An example of lingo, well stated in this Business Insider Australia article, would be how one region of America refers to a soft drink as "soda", while another would use "pop", and a third would use "coke".

You are an expert in your industry, but your customer may not be, potentially adding complexity to any communication you have with your customer. Further complications can arise if your customer needs to forward your messaging to a third party. The trouble with slang and lingo is that it's not very inclusive and can lead to confusion. This is the exact opposite of the relationship you want to have with your customers; you can spend too much time explaining what you mean instead of focusing on how you can meet your customers' needs. And in today's business climate, you are likely spending more time communicating with your customers over the phone or via email than in person.

Effective communication leads to a mutual understanding of what is being discussed and keeps you both on the same page for the duration of the interaction. Strong and clear communication with your customers will build confidence and trust in your business. So, "Be clear."

How can you "be clear"?

(1) Avoid fancy words or shortcuts

Describe the product or service as it actually is. Avoid unnecessary adjectives unless asked.

(2) Use clear topics

In a perfect world, each email would contain one subject and one topic. This is almost never true. If you have multiple topics in a single email, avoid a wall of text. Use bulleted/numbered points. Provide a specific question to help the reader reply with a specific response.

(3) Always spell-check

Make sure your spell checker is on and when it alerts you to an unknown word, be sure to verify the spelling, or consider an alternative word.

(4) Remember to proofread

Some email programs are now offering auto-complete and auto-correct just like we’ve had to endure in text messaging for years. Be sure to proofread your email before sending to make sure the software you use didn't "help" and cause potential confusion.

(5) Attach photos

The only shortcuts you should use are photos, they'll save you a thousand words as the cliché goes.

LoyaltyLoop Awarded 2020 Vendor of the Year!

While we’re not usually ones to boast about our achievements, we are so proud to have been awarded AlphaGraphics 2020 Vendor of the Year. What makes this award so sweet is the fact we were chosen by the franchise owners all across the US. Our team works hard to help each and everyone of our customers, and we thank all our AlphaGraphics customers for recognizing our dedication to your success. Thank you!