Customer Success Story

Allegra Prescott

The Problem

Shawn Powers had been successfully running his print shop, but found himself stretched thin while attempting to market his growing business. Collecting testimonials for his website and soliciting online reviews became too time consuming. Shawn needed a process to automatically capture feedback for improvement, while supporting his marketing initiatives.

The Solution

After making the decision to sign up with LoyaltyLoop, Shawn began accumulating the customer feedback needed to bolster his web presence. Through LoyaltyLoop’s Testimonial Publisher, Shawn quickly reviews his customer comments and drive them to his website or preferred social media platforms. Shawn’s survey has also helped him generate more business from many of his existing customers. LoyaltyLoop’s process qualifies his customers while educating them on other products and services he provides, increasing his share of wallet.

With customer feedback flowing into his dashboard, coupled with his survey’s solicitation of leads and referrals, Shawn has more time to run his business. Shawn has most recently, landed a significant sale from new clients who responded to his website’s testimonials, paying for his LoyaltyLoop services many times over.

The testimonials and reviews LoyaltyLoop generates, help to organically promote and grow Shawn’s business. Since signing up with LoyaltyLoop, Shawn’s shop has made consistent growth to his bottom line, and improvement to his customer satisfaction.

The Results


Received 514 customer responses in 16 months producing an average Net Promoter ScoreSM of 92.

Reviews & Testimonials

In 16 months, 215 testimonials, 9 Facebook reviews and 7 5 star Google reviews, increasing their average Google star-rating by 700%.

Leads & Referrals

Uncovered 143 new sales opportunities with existing customers, and 20 referrals.

“I signed up for LoyaltyLoop to get a grip on my customer satisfaction. Thank God you encouraged me to add it…The testimonial page has added a lot to my website…and now I have a huge account as a direct result.”

Joe Smith

Allegra Prescott, AZ