Customer Success Story - Allegra Providence

Allegra Providence - Bud and Karen McCann

The Problem

Allegra owners Karen and Bud McCann, had recently purchased an independent print shop hoping to hit the ground running. The previous owner, had built poor relationships with his customers. Karen and Bud needed a strategy to introduce themselves to the community while gathering feedback to accommodate their new customer needs.

The Solution

SurveyAdvantage provided Karen and Bud with a medium for introducing both their re-branded location and themselves as new owners. In addition to signaling change in ownership, SurveyAdvantage helped Karen and Bud manage customer service breakdowns in real time. One of the key takeaways for Karen, was the ability identify neutral and dissatisfied customers. Karen was able to allocate more attention to satisfying these less enthused customers and supporting her customer retention efforts. These customers have now been consistently purchasing at a higher frequency. Karen is also able to identify her customer’s interest and awareness for other services. From her dashboard, Karen can delegate follow up tasks or engage directly with these customers in quick fashion.

Upon purchasing the print shop, Karen and Bud had adopted a poorly organized database with virtually no email collection. Fortunately, SurveyAdvantage has helped reinforce positive practices for maintaining data hygiene. All the data being collected and imported into their CRM, paints a more complete picture of their customers, while highlighting opportunities for growth.

The Results

Feedback: 274 customer responses in 6 months producing an average Net Promoter Score of 86.

Reviews & Testimonials: 80 testimonials and 6 Google reviews increasing their Google star-rating by 44%.

Leads & Referrals: Uncovered 89 new sales opportunities with existing customers, and 8 customer referrals.

“Sometimes you have a situation when the customer is not happy, and SurveyAdvantage has helped keep the communication line open.”

Karen McCann
Allegra of Providence, RI

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