Customer Success Story

AlphaGraphics Layton

The Problem

Owner Jerron Hale and GM Chris Bradshaw wanted to collect customer feedback and ultimately make process improvements, all while managing the constant flurry of business. Chris needed to arm his representatives with accurate data, in a timely fashion, to identify shortcomings in their customer experience. After AlphaGraphics corporate had mentioned LoyaltyLoop to their team, they hoped to leverage the service to grow their business and customer satisfaction.


The Solution

By utilizing LoyaltyLoop’s service, Chris can effectively delegate sales leads, referrals, and dissatisfied customer follow-ups to his service representatives. Most importantly, the feedback Chris is generating, has been extremely relevant and highlights key takeaways, like turnaround time, to refine their customer strategy. Based on the feedback, Chris has been able to set more accurate customer expectations regarding turnaround times and focus on their attention to detail through order fulfillment. Chris explained that by re-evaluating and setting customer expectations, his customer service representatives can be in the position to overachieve.

While generating a 43% response rate this month, Chris collects a sizeable sample set of feedback to reinforce his process improvements. LoyaltyLoop also allows Chris to drill down into the individual surveys and tie in the feedback to each customer interaction. Chris had explained that LoyaltyLoop works as a real-time alert system for negative feedback to aid in his customer retention efforts. LoyaltyLoop qualifies his customers and provides them with an internal platform to voice their suggestions and dissatisfaction, before they tarnish his shop’s online reputation. LoyaltyLoop has given Chris and his team the tools to proactively manage and provide added value to his customers.

The Results


185 customer survey responses in 3 months (37% response rate), producing an average Net Promoter ScoreSM of 85, and actionable feedback to grow and improve the business.

Reviews & Testimonials

81 testimonials generated in the first 3 months to promote positive customer experiences on their website, and 13 new 5 star online reviews – a 40% increase resulting in a 6.4% improvement in their Google star-rating.

Leads & Referrals

Uncovered 53 new sales opportunities with existing customers, and 8 new referrals from happy customers to their friends and colleagues.

“It helps us to be able to see the connection between the processes we have in our shop and what the customer really thinks about our service.”

Chris Bradshaw

AlphaGraphics Layton, UT