Customer Success Story

Data Reproductions

The Problem

Prior to using LoyaltyLoop, Dennis and Kimberly had no process to capture, and effectively communicate customer feedback internally. Customer feedback was consistently informal and not easily disseminated amongst his team, as Dennis would sometimes even receive hand written letters from customers. They needed a systematic approach for capturing and leveraging feedback in order to make improvements to their customer’s experience.

The Solution

Soon after launching their first round of surveys, his LoyaltyLoop dashboard automatically populated with his customer feedback. From there, Dennis was easily sharing this data with his sales team. LoyaltyLoop gave Data Reproductions the discipline and means to effectively motivate his team based on real customer feedback.

Another component of LoyaltyLoop’s service that surprised Dennis was the lead generation feature. Data Reproduction’s survey process was collecting feedback from customers who indicated interest in other services – some of which Dennis offered, and some he did not. Based on his customer’s interests Dennis can justify technology purchases to expand his service offering to meet an entire segment of customer needs he was not previously meeting. Of the total customer leads, 70% of these respondents had indicated interest in full-color printing. As a result, Dennis is currently in the process of purchasing a large format full color inkjet printer to accommodate these customers. Dennis has been able to leverage the objective feedback he has received thus far, to provide more utility for his customers and position his business to increase sales.

The Results


Received 67 customer responses in 1 month producing an average Net Promoter ScoreSM of 91.

Reviews & Testimonials

Generated 30 happy customer testimonials for use in his marketing and website, and yielded five Google 5-Star reviews, increasing their average Google star-rating by 13%.

Leads & Referrals

In the first month, Dennis uncovered 23 new sales opportunities with existing customers.

“LoyaltyLoop’s services can help companies justify technology decisions in my opinion”

Dennis Kavanagh

Data Reproductions