Customer Success Story

Image360 Richmond South

The Problem

Image360 owner, Bruce Bloomquest, was experiencing a disconnect in his customer follow up process. The feedback he was receiving from customers in person did not feel genuine to Bruce. Bruce needed to provide his customers with a platform to voice their opinions and sentiments regarding his business. After his last AFB convention in February, Bruce became intrigued hearing about LoyaltyLoop’s automated feedback process.

The Solution

Bruce has since been gathering customer feedback each month via LoyaltyLoop’s service, which is integrated with Corebridge. Through his automated survey process, Bruce’s responses have identified customers who’ve had both subpar or disappointing experiences. Moments after receiving an alert for a poor survey submission, Bruce is on the phone trying to rectify the relationship with his customers. Customers who otherwise had no complaints in the store, have felt more compelled to provide genuine feedback.

In addition to supporting Bruce’s customer retention efforts, Bruce can identify other sales opportunities with existing customers for his sales representatives. In addition to maximizing his share of wallet with existing customers, Bruce has collected new customer referrals from some of his biggest advocates. At such a low price point, LoyaltyLoop’s real time customer data has given Bruce a positive ROI from his retention efforts alone. LoyaltyLoop allows Bruce to use negative feedback for internal process improvement, and the positive feedback to organically promote and grow his business online.

The Results


189 customer responses in 6 months producing an average Net Promoter ScoreSM of 88.

Reviews & Testimonials

88 testimonials in 6 months and yielded 6 positive online reviews, increasing their average Google star-rating by 33%.

Leads & Referrals

Uncovered 53 new sales opportunities with existing customers, and 12 referrals from happy customers to their friends and colleagues.

“This product at its cost per month, enables us to keep the information flowing. That tells me what my people are doing, and that our customers are satisfied. I know as a business owner that this is worth the money I spent.”

Bruce Bloomquest

Image360 Richmond (South) VA