Customer Success Story

Steensma Lawn & Power Equipment

The Problem

Internet Sales and Marketing Manager, Dan Betke, was searching for a customer feedback tool to augment his customer service and digital marketing efforts. He had been using another service that was too cumbersome, pricey, and did not target his intended audience; recently transacted customers.

Steensma Lawn & Power Equipment

The Solution

Once Dan discovered LoyaltyLoop’s integration to his sales system, Infinity by c-Systems, he immediately signed up. Soon after, Dan was capturing real-time feedback, product leads, referrals, fresh customer testimonials for his website, and driving 5-star reviews from his recent customers to his Google My Business page.

Dan also used LoyaltyLoop to implement a system to help his sales reps engage and communicate with customers more effectively. One specific case, Dan was alerted to a survey response from a frustrated customer. This customer was concerned a recently purchased generator had been installed improperly. Within minutes, Dan’s sales rep contacted the customer explained how the installation was performed in compliance with the rules and regulations of their state and county inspector. This customer was immediately impressed with Steensma’s attention to detail and was left feeling greatly satisfied.

Had it not been for LoyaltyLoop’s alerts, Dan may never have known his customer was feeling frustrated, and potentially telling others about the “improper” installation. Dan and his team were able to quickly identify the misunderstanding, educate the customer, and protect his company’s brand and reputation.

In addition to proactively managing dissatisfied customers, Dan also learns from the responses from neutral customers. As Dan put it, “There’s definitely some people in that area that we have found we really needed to be interacting with”. Engaging these passive customers helps Dan see other areas in need of improvement.

Customers who are moderately satisfied, are provided a section in the survey to express concerns and ask questions, so Dan and his team can learn, and better assist them in the future.

Rallying his team around the survey results in LoyaltyLoop, Dan also utilizes the platform as a tool for employee education and motivation – praising reps for work well done, and educating the team when they identify issues. With his customer support efforts streamlined, Dan can spend more time focusing on pushing the needle and driving his bottom line.

The Results


1,805 customer responses in just 9 months, with an average Net Promoter ScoreSM of 81.

Reviews & Testimonials

582 testimonials for use in marketing and 31 Google reviews posted online.

Leads & Referrals

164 new sales opportunities with existing customers, and 19 referrals from happy customers to their friends and colleagues.

“[Customers] have really high expectations. This allows us to really see how we’re measuring up to these expectations.”

Dan Betke

Steensma Lawn & Power Equipment