Custom SurveyAdvantage® Add-Ons

Enhance your LoyaltyLoop feedback service with SurveyAdvantage add-ons

When you add the SurveyAdvantage add-ons to your LoyaltyLoop service, you'll be gathering different insights into your business and market that augment your active customer surveys.

Employee Survey Add-On

Gather feedback from employees to ensure a healthy and happy work environment. Your employees contribute to delivering great customer experiences, and understanding how your employees feel about your business is critical in that process.

New Product or Service Survey Add-On

Thinking about entering a new product or service area? What will your customers think about it? Find out by executing a one-time survey to your customer list to gather their insights and interests relative to your new offering.

Dormant Account Survey Add-On

Survey your customers who have not purchased from you in a while (up to 2 years) to understand why. This insight can help you to re-engage them, understand shifting customer trends and needs, and gather competitive intelligence.

New Ownership Survey Add-On

Are you buying a business or location? Survey your newly acquired customers to introduce yourself, identify likes and dislikes under prior ownership, and gather insights about active customer projects or activities to ensure you don't miss a beat during the transition.