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Gyms Review Tool

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Gyms Review Tool

If you own your own gym, you know the importance of customer satisfaction. You also know the high degree of competition in customer acquisition, whether you run a Membership Gym, CrossFit, Barre Studio, Yoga Studio, 24 Hour Access Gym, Training Gym, or Boot Camp. How you do you know if your customers are truly satisfied without a gyms review tool? Especially for the customers who come in and out without really interacting with your staff.

"You provide a great feedback tool that we use to interact with our customer base!"

Bill H.

Aurora IL

It is important to know what your customers are thinking, and you will with our gyms review tool. How does it work? LoyaltyLoop’s gyms review tool will help you more accurately gauge your customer satisfaction through a simple email survey driven by our review software for gyms. Our review software for gyms will engage your customers at the appropriate time - whether after they first sign up, periodically throughout the year, or following a session at your gym. An email will be sent by the gyms review tool automatically inquiring how their experience was at your facility. The review software for gyms will compile all the responses on a convenient cloud-based dashboard, which provides you with a wide angle view of your customer satisfaction.

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Review Software for Gyms

gyms review tool

Why is understanding customer satisfaction with review software for gyms so important? You work hard to provide an outstanding customer experience at your gym. You think you are providing all the services your customers are looking for and that they would tell you if there was a problem. Well, not necessarily. Without a gyms review tool, you have no idea if customers are having bad experiences they just aren’t telling you about.

LoyaltyLoop’s gyms review tool will ask your customers one simple question about their experience. If they had a positive experience – great! The gyms review tool will show them other gym services you offer that may suit their needs, then ask them to write a review on Google or Facebook, which will be collected for you in our review software for gyms. If they indicate they had a bad experience, the gyms review tool will notify you right away so that you can understand and address their negative experience. All of this information is available on your cloud-based dashboard through our review software for gyms, so you can better understand your customers. LoyaltyLoop’s gyms review tool will allow you to provide the services your current customers are looking for and create lasting customer loyalty.

Reviews are one of the top indicators potential customers look for when choosing a new gym. Our review software for gyms encourages customers to write positive reviews about your gym, which help your business get found on search engines. You can also use reviews as testimonials in your marketing and on your website. If you’re currently crossing your fingers, hoping your customers will write a review for you without a review software for gyms, you are missing out on a treasure trove of potential marketing opportunities. LoyaltyLoop’s review software for gyms connects you with your customers like never before.

Gather positive testimonials and remedy negative experiences with LoyaltyLoop’s review software for gyms, without breaking a sweat.

LoyaltyLoop for Gyms


Automatically gather feedback from your customers. Track your Net Promoter ScoreSM (NPS®) using our gyms review tool.


Our gyms review tool automatically generates fresh customer testimonials to share on your website and social networks.

Avoid Negative Escalation

Identify and proactively manage unhappy customer situations.

Gyms Review Tool

Using our review software for gyms, automatically encourage customers to post online reviews at Google, Facebook and more.

Leads & Referrals

Uncovered new sales opportunities and referrals from existing customers.

“The testimonials we constantly receive with minimal effort on our part (other than doing a good job in the first place) are priceless.”

Jim P.

Philadelphia PA

Gyms Management Software

gym review tool

So how do you begin engaging your customers using LoyaltyLoop's review software for gyms? Like any business today, you run your business using software like QuickBooks or other point-of-sale or CRM software. LoyaltyLoop can work with all your systems. Our team can help you generate and automate the reports needed to drive your customer loyalty loop. If your software is cloud-based, we support integrations with many popular cloud-based software systems too. We work with Zapier to integrate LoyaltyLoop with other cloud systems like QuickBooks Online, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, Shopify and more.

Once LoyaltyLoop is connected to your software, or your software is set to send the reports to LoyaltyLoop with recent customer transactions, our review software for gyms begins to engage customers by asking for feedback following their recent visit, appointment or at periodic times during the year as frequently (or infrequently) as you feel necessary to keep a pulse on customer attitudes. LoyaltyLoop gathers feedback, encourages customers to post online reviews, and generates fresh customer testimonials for your marketing and website. Your business will gain critical insight into what improvements you must make to build a stronger business, brand and gym.

“The testimonials we constantly receive with minimal effort on our part (other than doing a good job in the first place) are priceless.”

Jim P.

Philadelphia PA