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Landscapers Review Tool

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Landscapers Review Tool

Landscapers have to look at the full picture of every project. They have a unique ability to see a full vision of what a certain property will look like, then bring that vision to life. If you own a landscaping business, wouldn’t you want to look just as holistically at your customers’ satisfaction? With LoyaltyLoop’s landscaper review tool you have the ability to get a snapshot of your customers’ satisfaction at any given moment. With our easy-to-use dashboard, the landscaper review tool compiles never-before-seen customer satisfaction data from your customers. Why is this information important? If you don’t know how your customers are feeling, then it’s difficult to improve your business! You may assume they are all satisfied unless someone calls to complain, but a data-driven approach will yield more accurate results.

"It is a great service. It allows me to focus on my business as opposed to in my business and it helps provide a professional follow-up to our clients to show we care about what they think. This process could not have been easier to setup which is also very appreciated."

Robert G.

Fairfax Station VA

How does it work? After each customer’s landscaping job is complete, the landscaper review tool automatically sends an email from your landscaping business, asking them to rate their experience. Besides just hearing positive results from your best customers, the landscaper review tool immediately notifies you of poor experiences. This allows you to remedy a negative situation, turn it into a positive experience, and keep a customer you otherwise might have lost!

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Review Software for Landscapers

review software for landscapers

Wouldn’t it be great if you could attract new landscaping customers based on your great customer service? How can you express to potential customers that you provide great service, without sounding cheesy or gimmicky? Enter LoyaltyLoop’s review management software for landscapers! With our review management software for landscapers, you can collect reviews from your current customers easier than ever before.

Integrated with our landscaper review tool, the review management software for landscapers is sent automatically after their job is complete. The landscaper review tool indicates which customers had a very positive experience, then the review management software for landscapers directs them to write a review for your business on your website, Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc. These reviews are seen by potential customers who are searching online for a new landscaper, painting you in a positive light and helping your SEO!

As a landscaper, your time is at a premium. Whether you provide commercial or residential landscaping, or provide landscape design or maintenance, we know you are busy coordinating your team and managing clients. Our review management software for landscapers is the perfect tool for your toolkit, designed to help you grow your landscaping business, automatically.

LoyaltyLoop for Landscapers


Automatically gather feedback from your customers. Track your Net Promoter ScoreSM (NPS®) using our landscapers review tool.


Our landscapers review tool automatically generates fresh customer testimonials to share on your website and social networks.

Avoid Negative Escalation

Identify and proactively manage unhappy customer situations.

Landscapers Review Tool

Using our review software for landscapers, automatically encourage customers to post online reviews at Google, Facebook and more.

Leads & Referrals

Uncovered new sales opportunities and referrals from existing customers.

Landscapers Management Software

How do you engage customers using LoyaltyLoop to begin your feedback process and take advantage of our review software for landscapers? Like most businesses, you're probably running your business on software like QuickBooks or other billing, estimating or CRM software. LoyaltyLoop can work with all your systems. Our team can help you generate and automate the needed reports to extract the data required to drive your customer loyalty loop. Running a cloud-based system? We support integrations with lots of cloud software systems too. We work with Zapier to integrate LoyaltyLoop with other cloud systems like QuickBooks Online, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, Shopify and more.

Once LoyaltyLoop is connected to your systems, or once you're set up to run and send the reports to LoyaltyLoop with recent customer transactions, our review software for landscapers begins to engage customers by asking for feedback following their recent service. Running all the time and behind the scenes, LoyaltyLoop gathers feedback, encourages customers to post online reviews, and generates testimonials for your marketing and website. Your business will benefit from learning what improvements you can make to strengthen your business and brand, and will have customers promoting you online to others.

“This service keeps our fingers on the pulse of our business, so we can react quickly if there is an issue with any customer.”

Marya K.

Philadelphia PA