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Marinas Review Tool

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Marinas Review Tool

If you own or run a marina, you are busy every season of the year. You are constantly evaluating contracts, managing staff, keeping an eye on the weather, and trying to make your customers happy (because happy customers are repeat customers right?). If you care about the reputation of your marina and the impression you make on potential customers, a marinas review tool is a must for your toolkit. A marinas review tool is an easy way to track your customers’ satisfaction and keep them coming back for more. The best part of a marinas review tool is that it encourages your customers to write critically important online reviews.

"We get a good response rate and the useful feedback we need to improve our services, identifying weak areas where we can now improve, and identifying opportunity to enhance relations with our customers."

Bill G.

Norwalk CT

The world of online marketing can be overwhelming, making it hard to know which services will really increase your business. Do you spend your money on Facebook advertising or online listings? Search ads or sponsored blogs? There is one key element that you can’t pay for or fake - online reviews. In today’s world, online reviews are a key element to any digital marketing plan. But how do you get your customers to write reviews for you? It’s not practical to ask each person individually to write a review about their experience, especially if they are just briefly passing through your marina. That’s why we recommend using review software for marinas.

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Review Software for Marinas

review software for marinas

LoyaltyLoop’s review software for marinas makes it easy to gather customer feedback and reviews. Instead of having to ask each customer individually for a review, our marinas review tool does it for you!

After each transaction (or whenever is appropriate for your business), an automatic email is sent to your customer through our review software for marinas. This email asks your customer about their experience - if they respond it was a good experience, they are encouraged to leave a review for you on your website, social media, etc.

If the marinas review tool indicates that they had a bad experience, you are immediately notified so that your staff can manage the relationship appropriately. The best part of the review software for marinas is that you can recommend other services that you offer to your customers. If a certain customer only uses your marina for refueling or washing, they might not know that you also offer ground facilities such as parking and storage. Our review software for marinas will automatically update your customers on these services based on your parameters.

Of course, the goal of any marina is to create a long-standing relationship with customers, which will yield the highest profits in the long run. It’s much easier and cheaper to keep a customer than to attract a new one. But how do you make sure that your customers keep coming back for more?

The first step is not assuming that you provide the best possible customer service. Regardless of how good your service is, there are customers who have bad experiences that you don’t know about (which a marinas review tool would notify you of).

Knowing about a bad experience through our review software for marinas will allow you to build a stronger, longer lasting relationship with your customers. As a marinas review tool, LoyaltyLoop helps you to continually monitor your customers’ decision journey and to keep you in their loyalty loop.

LoyaltyLoop for Marinas


Automatically gather feedback from your customers. Track your Net Promoter ScoreSM (NPS®) using our marinas review tool.


Our marinas review tool automatically generates fresh customer testimonials to share on your website and social networks.

Avoid Negative Escalation

Identify and proactively manage unhappy customer situations.

Marinas Review Tool

Using our review software for marinas, automatically encourage customers to post online reviews at Google, Facebook and more.

Leads & Referrals

Uncovered new sales opportunities and referrals from existing customers.

Marinas Management Software

This all sounds great, but where do you begin? How do you engage customers using LoyaltyLoop and take advantage of our review software for marinas? Like most businesses today, you're probably running your business using software that tracks slip rentals, yard services and all other customer transactions. Whether you're using a back-office system, CRM, or combination, LoyaltyLoop can work with all your systems. Our team can help you generate and automate the needed reports to extract the data to drive your customer loyalty loop. Running a cloud-based system? We support integrations with lots of cloud software systems that may contain your customer transaction data. We work with Zapier to integrate LoyaltyLoop with other cloud systems like QuickBooks Online, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, and more.

Once LoyaltyLoop is connected to your customer transaction systems, or once you're set up to run and send the reports to LoyaltyLoop with recent customer transactions, our review software for marinas begins to engage customers by asking for feedback following their recent transaction - whether a slip renewal, transient slip, service, etc. Alternatively, LoyaltyLoop can engage customers during, after, or before the season. Running all the time and behind the scenes, LoyaltyLoop gathers feedback, encourages customers to post online reviews, and generates testimonials for your marketing and website. Your business will benefit from learning what improvements you can make to strengthen your business and brand, and will have customers promoting you online to others.

“Your service has been a great way for us to serve our customers better. It gives them the opportunity to let us know what we do well and what they feel we need to improve on. As a dealership we appreciate good constructive criticism so we can continually offer they type service our customers deserve. At times we have had a customer that has had a situation with one of our products or services that we would never have found out about if it was not for your service. This process has given us the chance to make things right and let that customer know that we care about them and their business. Thanks!”

Stuart F.

Franklin TN