Harley-Davidson Dealer Systems (HDDS) Talon

Automation Add-On

Automate Your Feedback and Review Process!

Engaging your customers for feedback and reviews cannot get easier for Harley-Davidson dealers. When using the Integration Add-On for HDDS Talon, your customer contact info (i.e., customers to be surveyed) will flow automatically to your LoyaltyLoop account on a daily basis when you close a transaction. There are no reports to run, no manual uploads, no emails to send.

  • Set it, and forget it!
  • Engage customer soon after their transaction
  • Send requests as often as daily
  • Save time (and money) not running reports

The integration saves you the time, and enables you to send your requests for feedback and reviews closer to when the customer worked with you. Instead of batching and sending all feedback requests once a month, the integration gives you the option to send requests for feedback as frequently as daily or weekly. Moving the feedback request closer to when the customer experienced your business can increase both the quality and quantity of responses.

“You guys went above and beyond to make the system work with our software rather than the other way around. And that’s just for starters. Then, the system is easy to use for both the dealer and the customer to provide and act quickly on customer's feedback. Visually attractive reports and overall a fantastic product. A must have."

David Dellen, Dealer Principal

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Fishers, IN

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How much does it cost?

There is no additional charge for the Harley-Davidson HDDS Talon integration.

How do I enable my HDDS Talon Integration?

  1. We recommend setting a time with our Support Team to walk you through the installation process. Click to book a support call, or email us (support@loyaltyloop.com), or give us a call (888-552-5667).
  2. During the call, you will download and install the LoyaltyLoop automation Agent on the computer connected to your Talon server and the Internet. The install process will require info that our Support Team can provide.

IMPORTANT: You will need to determine the time of day when the Agent should send data to your LoyaltyLoop account. It's important to remember the computer needs to be turned on and connected to the Internet at that time of day.

Download Agent

Which customer transactions are available to survey?

LoyaltyLoop can engage customers for feedback for all Talon transaction types, including:

  1. New and used bike deals ("Deals")
  2. Work orders ("WO")
  3. Apparrel and accessories ("POS")
  4. Wholesale vehicle transactions ("WHL")
  5. E-commerce transactions ("Ecomm")

Which Talon fields are included in the integration?

The integration includes the most common fields related to a Talon Invoice record. If you do not see a field that you require, please let us know and we'll be happy to look into adding it. Please email our support team (support@loyaltyloop.com) with the name of the field(s) needed.

1. { Invoice ID }

2. { Transaction Type }

3. { Invoice DateTime }

4. { Total Amount }

5. { Customer FirstName }

6. { Customer LastName }

7. { Customer CompanyName }

8. { Customer Address1 }

9. { Customer Address2 }

10. { Customer City }

11. { Customer State }

12. { Customer PostalCode }

13. { Customer Country }

14. { Customer EmailAddress }

14. { Customer HomePhone }

16. { Customer MobilePhone }

17. { Salesperson EmployeeCode }

18. { Salesperson FullName }

19. { LineItemNames }

20. { Make }

21. { Model }

22. { ModelYear }

23. { ServiceWriter EmployeeCode }

24. { ServiceWriter FullName }

25. { VehicleSalesperson1 EmployeeCode }

26. { VehicleSalesperson1 FullName }

27. { VehicleSalesperson2 EmployeeCode }

28. { VehicleSalesperson2 FullName }

How do I change my survey send (launch) frequency?

With the integration enabled, your data flows to LoyaltyLoop as you close transactions. You are now in position to have your surveys sent soon after the customer experiences your dealership. After your integration is enabled, simply email our support team (support@loyaltyloop.com, or 888-552-5667 option 3) and indicate the launch frequency you desire (e.g., Daily, Weekly, Monthly). Remember, LoyaltyLoop automatically filters-out customers who have been asked to give you feedback within the prior 90-days (or as set by you). This allows you to send surveys as frequently as Daily, without sending to the same customer over and over again.