Integration Add-On


No More Export Reports - More Feedback!

The teams at iRestore and LoyaltyLoop want to make your the of collecting customer feedback and reviews easier for you. When using the Integration Add-On for iRestore, your customer contact info (i.e., customers to be surveyed) will flow automatically to your LoyaltyLoop account on a daily basis when you close a transaction. There are no reports to run, no manual uploads, no emails to send.

  • Set it, and forget it!
  • Engage customer soon after their transaction
  • Send requests as often as daily
  • Save time (and money) not running reports

The integration saves you the time, and enables you to send your requests for feedback and reviews closer to when the customer worked with you. Instead of batching and sending all feedback requests once a month, the integration gives you the option to send requests for feedback as frequently as daily or weekly. Moving the feedback request closer to when the customer experienced your business can increase both the quality and quantity of responses.

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How does the iRestore integration work?

How do I enable my iRestore Integration?

  1. Send our support team an email ( requesting the integration.
  2. We will contact iRestore and enable this in your account.
  3. Once enabled, your contacts for closed transactions will flow to LoyaltyLoop each day.

Which iRestore fields are included in the integration?

The integration includes the most common fields related to a iRestore Invoice record. If you do not see a field that you require, please let us know and we'll be happy to look into adding it. Please email our support team ( with the name of the field(s) needed.

  1. Email
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Full Name
  5. Title
  6. Phone
  7. Cell Phone
  1. Company
  2. AddressOne
  3. AddressTwo
  4. City
  5. State
  6. ZipCode
  1. TxnDate
  2. Sales_Rep
  3. CustomerID
  4. LocationID
  5. TxnID
  6. TxnType
  7. TxnDesc

Can I impose a standard delay when sending my survey?

Yes. To ensure your customer has had the appropriate amount of time to experience your product or service, you can impose a delay on sending your survey. As stated below, we will set a 3-day delay on the default launch configuration. If you prefer something else, please contact our support team at, or 888-552-5667 option 3. Here's a blog post explaining imposed launch delays.

How do I change my survey send (launch) frequency?

With the integration enabled, your data flows to LoyaltyLoop as you close transactions. You are now in position to have your surveys sent soon after the customer experiences your business.

By default, and unless you specify otherwise, upon activation of the integration LoyaltyLoop will reconfigure your survey launch configuration as follows:

  • Weekly Launch Frequency
  • Default Launching Day on Tuesday
  • Imposed 3-day delay

If you'd like a different launch configuration, please contact our support team at or 888-552-5667 option 3.

Your existing Touch Frequency Filter (TFF) will be maintained. For example, our default TFF is 90-days, meaning customers (based on email address) who have been asked to give you feedback within the prior 90-days (or as per your specific setting), will be removed from your launch. This prevents "over-touching" the same person too often.

“The surveys have been a great addition to communicating with our clients and asking for feedback. This feedback is critical in helping us continue to achieve our goal of 100% customer satisfaction”

Mark M.

Brentwood TN