Engage with SMS

Engage your customers the way they prefer

Not every customer prefers the same business communication channel. Some may prefer email, others may prefer text messages (SMS). You can add SMS to any LoyaltyLoop plan, which allows you to set your customer's communication preference - sending email or sending SMS. Once the preference is set, LoyaltyLoop will automatically engage the customer they way they prefer. Communicating with customers in the way they prefer can help deliver a better experience for them,and produce better feedback results for you.

How does it work?

When you add SMS to your plan, you'll select a local phone number that will be used to send your messages to customers and other basic settings. We'll then collect details about your business to complete the new business SMS registration process as per the carriers. Don't worry, we'll handle all of that work for you. Once approved, all you need to do is personalize your SMS messages, just like your survey emails. However, unlike email, each SMS message is limited to 160 characters. You can still send longer messages, but it will be sent as more than one SMS. When your customer clicks the feedback link in the SMS, it will open your survey. Since SMS messages are mostly used on mobile devices, your survey will be upgraded (at no cost) to the mobile-friendly template when adding SMS.

Which customers will receive SMS?

You set your customer's communication preference. When you add SMS to your account, you will see new options under the Customer tab where you can tell LoyaltyLoop if a customer prefers to receive email or SMS. All you need to do is make sure the customer has a valid mobile phone number in their details, and then set their preference to SMS. Then, whenever that customer is scheduled to be sent a message, LoyaltyLoop will use their preference. Sending via email is the system default.

How does billing work?

The SMS Add-On applies to your entire LoyaltyLoop account, and once added, SMS sending is available for all your locations. The base price is only $15 per month (plus a one-time $50 setup fee), and includes 500 monthly SMS credits - called Base Credits. Every time LoyaltyLoop sends one (1) SMS it will use one (1) credit. If you configure messages to use more than one (1) SMS, it will use the appropriate number of SMS credits. On the first of each month, your Base Credits reset to 500.

Keep in mind, there are multiple messages that can be sent to a single customer during a single feedback campaign. For example, a customer would be sent your initial SMS request for feedback (1 credit), but if you have the 7-day reminder turned on and this customer did not respond to the first SMS, LoyaltyLoop will automatically send the reminder SMS (1 credit). If you're on the Promoter plan and have the Review Reminder turned on, this customer ma be sent that SMS message too (1 credit). Your Base Credit balance decreases with each SMS sent.

What happens if I run out of Base Credits during the month?

Don't worry. In your SMS Settings you can choose to either have LoyaltyLoop fall back to sending email when you run out of Base Credits, or you can opt to let LoyaltyLoop continue sending SMS. If you choose to continue sending via SMS, you will generate an SMS Credit Overage for the month, which gets added to your next month's bill. SMS Credit Overages are billed at the same SMS unit rate as your Base Credits ($0.03 per SMS). You can also set an upper limit of SMS Overages in a month, after which the system will fall back to email.

SMS texting

Photo by Eugene Chystiakov on Unsplash