LoyaltyLoop Enterprise

How do customers perceive your brand?

While LoyaltyLoop Basic and Promoter plans are designed for individual businesses and franchisees, LoyaltyLoop Enterprise is designed for corporations with multiple locations, and franchise networks. With multiple independently operated business locations, and independently-owned and operated franchises, it can be difficult to monitor how end customers feel about your overall brand and business. It can also be a chore to monitor how each individual location is performing relative to creating loyal customers that serve to strengthen the overall brand. LoyaltyLoop Enterprise solves this problem.

Each location or franchisee will have their own LoyaltyLoop account, with it's own survey, testimonials, and the ability to encourage it's customers to post online reviews to that locations' Google My Business listing (and Facebook page). When your company is configured for LoyaltyLoop Enterprise, all results from each participating location will be aggregated into a single cloud-based platform allowing you to see all customer feedback stats and trends across entire enterprise. Home office staff can easily identify locations that are performing at top levels that serve to strengthen the brand, and conversely identify locations that are under-performing and candidates for continuous improvement activities.

Customer loyalty management system dashboard

The value of an enterprise is directly related to the strength of its brand.

Results are presented beautifully in LoyaltyLoop Enterprise using charts and tables. You cannot improve that which you do not measure!

Get the data you need to build a strong brand by leveraging LoyaltyLoop Enterprise. Here are some of the great features:

  • Track and monitor enterprise-wide Net Promoter Score
  • Track and monitor each location's Net Promoter Score
  • View overall customer service and product quality ratings
  • View all statistics surrounding feedback survey campaigns
  • Easily identify top, middle, and bottom performing locations
  • View summary data for each participating location for easy comparisons
  • Create groups of locations to view results that match the way you run your business
  • Create users accounts with restricted access to select locations
  • Isolate and export results for further analysis
  • Drill-into an individual location’s LoyaltyLoop result details (Note 1)
  • and more…

Note 1: Drill-in capability is configured by default for enterprises with corporate-owned locations. For franchise networks, Enterprise drill-in capabilities are determined by franchisor or franchisee, depending on your franchise agreement.

LoyaltyLoop, and LoyaltyLoop Enterprise are monthly subscription services priced per-location. Give us a call to learn more about how your franchise can deliver outstanding customer experiences that strengthen your brand.

Track your organizational performance by location for the main Customer Experience (CX) metrics, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Product Quality (PQUAL). Learn where you're excelling, and where improvements need to be made company-wide.

Enterprise Alerts & Notifications

How do you keep your corporate staff informed regarding how all of your locations are performing from a customer experience standpoint? With LoyaltyLoop Enterprise, you and your team can be in the loop by leveraging email-based alerts and notifications sent right to your inbox. Each of your LoyaltyLoop Enterprise users can decide which alerts are right for them.

They simply login to their account, and click Alerts & Notifications from their settings page, then flip the switch to Yes for the alerts they wish to receive. If your users are assigned to a specific group of locations (e.g. the locations that make up their region), then alerts will only display results related to those locations.

Use these Enterprise email alerts to stay informed, and help location managers or location owners leverage their results to improved their business and your brand.

Daily Feedback

Know when your locations are getting feedback, and what their results are.

LoyaltyLoop Enterprise alerts and notifications

Daily Detractors

Monitor which locations are getting negative feedback that could tarnish your brand.

LoyaltyLoop Enterprise alerts and notifications

Weekly Summary

Get a weekly summary showing how your enterprise is performing relative to customer experiences.

LoyaltyLoop Enterprise alerts and notifications

Location Inactivity

Ensure all locations are engaging their customers for feedback and reviews.

LoyaltyLoop Enterprise alerts and notifications