Personalized email invitations for customer engagement

Personalize Invitations

Engage your customers as you would in any other email

Your customer feedback loop begins with a personal email to your customer soon after a transaction occurs requesting their feedback. Our team works with you to ensure this email is worded and appears just like any other email you might send to your customers. And when the email is sent, it is sent from your email addresss. This extra personalization helps you properly engage your customers and maximize responses.

Mobile First

Beautiful on all devices and screens

When engaging your customers for feedback and reviews, make sure your emails always look their best on the variety of devices used by your customers today. LoyaltyLoop helps you see how your emails will appear on different size screens, such as phones, tablets and computers. Choose either a Mobile optimized email template with sidebars, or the Plain template with no sidebars (but still mobile-friendly), just as if it was sent from your own email client.