November 2023


Delight Customers with Thoughtful Gestures!


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Summarized from an article by Micah Solomon: "Use This Secret Customer Service Technique to Boost Your Customer Retention and Loyalty," published on September 11, 2023. Click here to read full article.

There is a ‘secret’ to increasing customer retention and loyalty, and it is hiding in plain sight of most businesses. Sometimes, we just need to step back and look. We hope this tip will inspire you to think about your customer’s experience and spark some new ideas that fit your industry and company to delight your customers.

In Solomon’s article he describes the “Gold-Touch Customer Technique.” Commonly found in hotel industry, the idea can be applied in nearly every industry. The technique involves creating a unique, custom experience for each customer that makes them feel special and seen. Solomon breaks the “Gold-Touch” down into two categories. First, the “Do-Extra” component involves “giving customers more effort than they've asked for or could reasonably expect.” These extras can be remembering preferences from past interactions and providing them unprompted during future interactions, or providing small conveniences not covered under your service purview. Small gestures or gifts that they don’t expect can elevate a good experience to a great one. Here, it’s more about thoughtfulness over expense.

Second, the “Tell-Extra” component provides a customer with “unexpected, additional value by answering a question with particular thoroughness or connecting with a customer on a human, shared passion level.” Tell-Extras can be useful information tidbits that provide more context to a customer. When answering a question, instead of just answering the question outright, provide something helpful that you know that the customer might not necessarily know. Consider the perspective of your customer and what you think would be helpful if you were visiting your location or using your service for the first time.

Of course, every customer interaction might not merit one of these “Gold-Touches,” but when you start to consider your customers experiences, you will start to notice more opportunities for special touches and improvements. Over time, these interactions will delight your customers, leading them to leave more positive reviews and keep coming back for more!

To read the full article from Micah Solomon, click here.


The Importance of Sharing Testimonials on Your Website

(and how Marketing Ideas 4 Printers users can get started)

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In today's digital age, where the online marketplace is teeming with options, building trust with your potential customers is crucial. One effective way to establish credibility and build that all-important trust is by sharing testimonials on your website. Testimonials are the voice of your satisfied customers, and they can be a powerful tool in influencing prospective buyers. Let’s explore the significance of sharing testimonials on your website and how they can positively impact your business. If you are a Marketing Ideas for Printers customer, at the end of the article we’ll also provide you with the steps to connect your LoyaltyLoop account with your website!

1. Establishing Trust

One of the primary reasons why testimonials are so important is their ability to build trust. When visitors come to your website, they are often skeptical about the claims you make regarding your products or services. Testimonials provide independent, third-party validation of your offerings. They show that real people have had positive experiences with your business, which can ease the apprehensions of potential customers. People tend to trust the opinions of their peers more than marketing messages, making testimonials a valuable asset in establishing trust.

2. Demonstrating Credibility

Credibility is a vital factor in business success. When you share testimonials from satisfied customers, you are showcasing your credibility in a tangible way. It demonstrates that you are not just making empty promises but are capable of delivering real value. Credibility can set you apart from competitors who may not provide such social proof. Customers are more likely to choose a business that they perceive as reliable and trustworthy, and testimonials help convey that image.

3. Overcoming Objections

Many potential customers have doubts or objections before making a purchase. Testimonials can help address these concerns by providing reassurance. If, for example, common objections relate to product quality or customer service, testimonials that specifically mention these aspects can help ease those concerns. By preemptively addressing objections through testimonials, you can increase the likelihood of conversions and reduce the friction in the buying process.

4. Humanizing Your Brand

In the digital world, it's easy for businesses to come across as impersonal entities. Testimonials, however, humanize your brand. They show that behind the website and the products or services, there are real people with real stories and experiences. This human touch can resonate with potential customers and make them feel more comfortable engaging with your business.

Sharing testimonials on your website is a simple yet powerful strategy for building trust, credibility, and rapport with your audience. They serve as authentic endorsements of your business, helping to overcome objections, showcase the benefits of your offerings, and humanize your brand. By incorporating testimonials into your website, you can improve your chances of converting visitors into loyal customers and boost your online presence in the process. So, don't underestimate the importance of sharing testimonials – they might just be the key to unlocking your business's full potential in the digital age.

While LoyaltyLoop’s testimonial publisher works on almost any website, if you’re a Marketing Ideas for Printers customer we can fast-track your connection. Simply email asking to add your testimonials to your Marketing Ideas for Printers website. Our team will connect with the Mi4P team to add our widgets to your home and testimonial page!


Setting Customers to Receive SMS vs Email

If you’ve added the new SMS add-on, here are some simple tips and FAQs regarding sending your LoyaltyLoop messages via SMS.


To set a single customer to get text messages (SMS) instead of an email:

  1. Go to your Customer tab. Search for the customer in question. If LoyaltyLoop has yet to receive that customer’s details, click the plus (+) button and add the customer - you only need to enter their email address and set the status to “active”.
  2. Click on the row of the customer in question to select them.
  3. In the right panel, click “Edit Customer Details”, then set the switch to SMS
  4. Enter or confirm the contact's valid 10-digit mobile number
  5. Click Save Changes
loyaltyloop sms set contact


To set multiple customers to get text messages (SMS) instead of email:

  1. Go to your Customer tab
  2. Find and select the checkbox next to customers you wish to get SMS (make certain they have a valid 10-digit mobile number)
  3. Click the button “Set Communication Preference” and choose SMS (the screen will update to show their preference is now SMS)
loyaltyloop sms set contacts


What is LoyaltyLoop’s default send preference?

By default, LoyaltyLoop sets all contacts to email as the Communication Preference. Hence, you need to override this default setting to have LoyaltyLoop send surveys via SMS.

How does SMS behave in LoyaltyLoop?

When your survey is processed to be sent, LoyaltyLoop evaluates each contact to-be surveyed (based on the email address of that contact), to determine the Communication Preference. LoyaltyLoop will then send contacts either an email or text message based on their specific setting.

What happens if I set a contact to SMS, but I forgot to enter their mobile number?

If a mobile number does not exist for a contact that has SMS as their preference, LoyaltyLoop will fall back to sending the contact the survey via email.

Can I change the default send preference of my LoyaltyLoop?

Yes. If you want all of your contacts to default to SMS as they enter your LoyaltyLoop, please contact our Support Team, and we’ll make that configuration change. Once set by us, all surveys will be sent via SMS, unless there is no mobile number on the customer record, in which case they will be emailed instead.


More Lessons from Delta Airlines

In my September blog post, “Good way to handle a bad customer experience: a lesson by Delta Airlines”, I discussed a bad experience I had on a recent flight, and the commendable way Delta handled it. As a Delta customer, they recently demonstrate to me, once again, how they are in tune with their customers. If you’re a Delta customer, you may have read this, but I felt it worth sharing. It is a great example of how a company can turn customer feedback into action to make better informed decisions.

While I’m no expert on the airline industry, it is clear that the pandemic significantly hurt most airlines, and then the rapid increase in demand following the pandemic acted like a one-two punch. The stories of airline problems during 2022 and 2023 are abundant. In the midst of all that turmoil, Delta made changes to their SkyMiles program, and rolled it out to their customers. I can only speculate that the changes were in part related to cost-cutting, and I’m certain it took months of meetings and planning to determine the changes, then roll them out.

Evidently, the customer reaction to these changes was quick and robust. Delta had a choice to make when they realized this. Instead of sticking to their plan, Delta reversed course and walked back many of their changes for the world to see. It is not common these days to see a company the size of Delta walk-back a major change. Why would they do that? The reasons why are summarized in an email from the CEO, and sent to all SkyMiles members. The bottom line: they listened to their customers, took their feedback to heart, and unwound many of the changes they had just implemented. This takes courage, and a continual focus on the customer.

When companies listen to their customers, and make continuous improvements that enrich customer’s lives, they are rewarded with more raving fans and more loyal customer. According to the most recent J.D. Power 2023 North America Airline Satisfaction Study, the industry as a whole is experiencing declines in customer satisfaction. In spite of that headwind, Delta ranks number 1 or number 2 for each key customer metric.