October 2020

NEW: Survey Preview

From time to time you may wish to review your survey for a number of reasons. For example, if you’re on the Promoter Plan and are displaying the “other services” question to cross-promote items to your customers to help drive more sales, you may wish to review these items from time to time to ensure they reflect your current offering.

There are 2 ways to view your survey: from the Settings inside your LoyaltyLoop account, and from the link in the QC email that some users receive when a wave of surveys are launched to your customers. NOTE: if your survey uses branching logic or other advanced options, your survey preview may not be available at this time from the Settings section.

To view your survey from inside LoyaltyLoop, click your username and then Settings. For the location in question, click Survey Preview under the Survey heading. You are presented with your exact survey as it appears to your customers. Click on the choices to see how the survey behaves. If you see anything you’d like updated, simply email us at support@loyaltyloop.comor give us a call at 401-560-0311 option 3.

LoyaltyLoop Survey Preview LoyaltyLoop Survey Preview

Easy Sales Growth Opportunities

In business, there are few problems that cannot be solved with more sales. But are you managing your sales opportunities? If you're using LoyaltyLoop Promoter plan, have you delegated the opportunities to your sales team that are being automatically generated from your survey? In LoyaltyLoop, click on “Opportunities”. Immediately, you’re presented with sales leads and referrals your existing customers have given you.

LoyaltyLoop Opportunities

Don’t let these opportunities grow stale; make sure your sales team follows up on each one. Let your customer know you’ve heard their interests and are ready to assist them. These are the easiest sales calls you have to make since the opportunities are from customers who know you and love what you do!

Split the leads among your sales team so every one is acted upon before your customers go elsewhere. Reach out to them via phone or using the Campaign feature in LoyaltyLoop. If you use a CRM or other marketing automation tools to follow-up on leads, export your LoyaltyLoop leads so you can import them into the system you use, or look on Zapier to see if there is a LoyaltyLoop Integration available to connect your CRM to LoyaltyLoop so the leads can flow automatically into your CRM. Remember, once you act upon a lead in LoyaltyLoop, close it out so you can tell at a glance that each one has had follow-up.

For assistance with the Campaign feature and email templates, give LoyaltyLoop Support a call and we’ll be glad to walk you or your sales team through the process.

Under the Referrals tab, you can find new contacts your customers have provided. Reach out to them, open the conversation by letting them know who referred them to you. Tell them how you’ve been helping out the person who referred you, and explore if you can help them too. Add them to your newsletters and include them in your marketing. Lastly, if this prospect becomes a customer, remember to thank your customer who made the referral.

7 Ways To Reducing Purchase Anxiety During Difficult Times

Like many businesses this year you may be receiving more orders for products and services online or on the phone rather than in person. What about those potential customers who spend time trying to make a purchase decision, but ultimately move on due to purchase anxiety? Is there a way to have them gain the confidence to buy from you?

Entrepreneur.com describes purchase anxiety as the hesitation before buying a big-ticket item or buying something online that the buyer has never seen before, nor have they met the seller. He or she sits on your website and sees what you offer, but they don’t feel the confidence to pick up the phone or order online. How can you reassure a potential customer that you’re the one they need to talk to?

1. The first, major thing you can do to reassure buyers is through your reviews. If you’ve ever bought anything on eBay, the Wild West of buying and selling online, odds are you’ve examined the seller’s ratings and reviews very carefully before placing bids or purchasing. Use LoyaltyLoop to drive Google reviews, and trust in the veracity of the reviews you receive. See last month’s newsletter on the veracity and transparency of reviews in greater detail. In short, people trust reviews that are in the 4 – 4.7 range, and they trust you when they see you address problems with speed, customer satisfaction, and open communication.

2. Use your LoyaltyLoop Testimonial Publisher to keep customer testimonials fresh on your site and social media pages. The hesitant buyer is then able to read great testimonials from real customers. Not only do they see they are fresh, but they are constant from month to month as well. This builds confidence that you are conducting steady business, and your current customers are thrilled to give you feedback and reviews.

3. Maintain a detailed About Us page on your site. Let the buyer know there are people at the heart of your business who have pride in what they’ve built. Tell the story of your company history. Visitors to your website love stories about humble beginnings and the entrepreneurial spirit. Present your business philosophy or mission statement.

4. Show you value privacy. This means making sure your website is secure using HTTPS. Providing a statement as to how you use/store customer data. State your commitment to protecting your customer information, and a make firm assurance that their information will be kept private and never be sold.

5. Offer a “Learn More” page before offering a “Buy Now” link. A potential customer with purchase anxiety is more likely to click on a link that reads “Learn More” because they haven’t made the decision to commit yet. This page then gives you the opportunity to project confidence and provide additional evidence of product or service quality so they can be eased into making a final purchasing decision.

6. Do your best to expose your pricing. While it can be appropriate in certain situations, the quickest way to lose a segment of potential customers is to use the words, “Add to cart to see price” or “Call for price”. If you are unable to display prices, as it isn’t always possible for some industries, offer other options to reduce sticker shock. If possible, consider offering free shipping, or free shipping after a certain threshold is met, and price-match guarantees. If you offer a service, avoid trapping customers in contracts that could be good for you and bad for the customer.

7. Lastly, let potential customers know what you will do if anything goes wrong. Let them know their satisfaction is guaranteed, and you’ll do what it takes to count them among your long list of happy customers.

TIP: Get More Feedback with SPF 🌞

How does sunscreen help you get more feedback? It doesn't. We’re not talking about SPF (“Sun Protection Factor”) found in skincare products, but rather SPF (“Sender Policy Framework”) used with email servers. This SPF is the one that really matters when you use any third-party email service like LoyaltyLoop to ensure your survey emails get through to your customer.

When you use a service like LoyaltyLoop that sends emails on your behalf, SPF acts as a kind of Customs and Border Patrol Agent who confirms you have the correct credentials to enter a country at the border crossing. Since the survey email is being sent from your email address but via our email servers (not yours), this mismatch is flagged by the receiving email server to prevent spamming and other malicious emails. When you have a SPF record set to include LoyaltyLoop, the SPF record tells the receiving email server that LoyaltyLoop has been authorized to send on your behalf, and the receiving email server will accept the email. The more emails that get delivered, the higher your response rates, and the greater the opportunity for more feedback and reviews.

When you signed up to LoyaltyLoop, one of the steps we cover during your Setup call is advising you how to add LoyaltyLoop to your SPF Record to your domain host. This can be technical, and our team typically walks you through it live during a screen share. Keep in mind that if you don't have SPF set up, emails will still be delivered. However, adding SPF will increase the overall deliverability.

kori nori

You should check to confirm your SPF record is set to include LoyaltyLoop. Here's how:

  1. Go to the free tool MX Toolbox
  2. Click the orange drop-down button and select SPF Record Lookup
  3. Enter the domain name of the email address used when sending your survey invites and reminders (e.g. "yourdomain.com")
  4. Click the orange button
  5. In the results, you should see the following: (1) include:sendgrid.net, and (2) either include:spf1.worldapp.com (if using SPF only) or include:wappmail.com (if using DKIM). You should see a result similar to the image below.
spf record check

If you don't see the LoyaltyLoop servers included in your SPF record, or you're unsure in general about this topic, please reach out to our support team at support@loyaltyloop.com or 401-560-0311 option 3 and we'll help you set it.

TIP: How To Opt Out A Contact From Your Survey

From time to time you may have certain contacts request not to receive your survey. In this tip will explain (1) how you can opt-out individual contacts by opting-out 1 or more contact email addresses, and (2) how you can opt-out all email addresses from a domain, both those that exist in LoyaltyLoop now and any new contacts that get added in the future.

You can also watch the short video. This video, and many others, can also be found inside LoyaltyLoop by clicking Help from the left main menu.

Opt-Out Contacts Already Surveyed

If your contact has already received your survey, then the easiest way to add them to the opt-out list is to click on Customers from the left main menu. Search and find the contact or contacts you wish to opt out and click the checkbox next to their name. Notice the top menu provides 2 new options: Opt-out, and Opt-out Domain. If you wish to opt out just the selected contacts, click Opt-Out. If you wish to opt out all contacts from that domain, both those that exist in LoyaltyLoop now and any new contacts that get added in the future, click Opt-Out Domain.

LoyaltyLoop Opt-Out Contacts
LoyaltyLoop Opt-Out Domains

Opt-Out Contacts Not In LoyaltyLoop Yet

If the contact does not yet exist in LoyaltyLoop, you can preemptively opt out a single email address or any entire domain so LoyaltyLoop does not survey them should they appear in your survey launch list in the future. To preemptively add an opt-out for a single email address, click the top menu Opted out Customers, then click the plus () icon on the right. Enter the email address you wish to opt out (and any other contact details if desired) and make certain the Status is set to Opt-Out. To pre-emptively opt out any contacts from a domain, click Opted out Domains from the top menu, then click the plus () icon on the right. Enter the domain and click save. To see your opt-out list, click Opted out Customers from the top menu. All contacts opted out individually or as a domain, will appear on this list.

LoyaltyLoop Preemptive Opt-Out Domains

It is our recommendation to only opt out customers who specifically ask to be removed from future surveys. It is important to gather feedback from as many customers to ensure you’re getting a full picture of customer attitudes and sentiments.