Encourage Online Reviews

Make it easy for your best customers to post online reviews on Google, Facebook and more

From your customer feedback survey "thank you" page and from follow-up email campaigns, LoyaltyLoop automatically presents your customers with the opportunity to post an online review on your Google, Facebook and other review sites you choose. The greater the number of happy customers, the greater the potential for receiving quality online reviews. Google reviews help you boost your online presence, build a solid business persona online, and increase your local search rankings. Overall, gathering steady reviews help you market your business online.

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Gather online reviews with customer feedback surveys

You can even connect your Google My Business (GMB) account to LoyaltyLoop, allowing you to view all your Google reviews right from the convenience of your LoyaltyLoop dashboard.

LoyaltyLoop Reviews by Google

Reviews vs. Testimonials

Encourage loyal customers to promote you in multiple ways.

Posted By Customers


To ensure authentic customer reviews, online reviews sites like Google and Facebook require the review be posted by your customer. LoyaltyLoop will automatically encourage your customers to post their review on your selected reviews sites. We make it easy for your customer to post their review, and easy for you to build your online business persona to promote your business to others.

Posted By you


When customers take your survey, many will provide comments. Many customers will give you permission to use their words in your marketing. LoyaltyLoop makes it easy for you to share these positive customer experiences directly on your website or use in your other marketing materials. Publish testimonials in seconds, and keep your website fresh with positive customer stories.