Simple, Effective, Repeat Feedback Process

Repeating process gets you feedback throughout the customer's experience

Our team will help you identify all the key customer experience touch points where you may wish to get feedback. You may only have a single touch point when a purchase is made, or you may have several. For example, you may have different kinds of customer interactions, such as sales and service customers. Once your LoyaltyLoop is configured for your specific business, the feedback is gathered automatically on a frequency you choose (daily, weekly, monthly).

Step 1

Data Feed

Your customer contacts for recent transactions are sent to us automatically via an integration, uploaded, or emailed to your account.

Step 2

Business Rules

Raw contacts are processed based on your specific business rules (e.g. sales vs service), and removes bad email addresses, duplicates, and opt-outs.

Contacts to-be surveyed are finalized by applying the Touch Frequency Filter to prevent annoying repeat communications.

Step 3


The correct customers are surveyed per your rules and Launch Frequency (daily, weekly, monthly). Reminders are sent automatically too.

Feedback rolls in, populating your dashboard and triggering alerts.

Step 4

Thank You!

As customers exit your survey, they see a personalized Thank You page from you.

With Promoter plan, customers are automatically thanked and encouraged to post reviews on Google, Facebook, and more.

Step 5


Stay informed throughout the process. Get email alerts and notifications any time customers had a poor experience, give new feedback, post a Google review, and more.

Step 6

Take Action

Identity common complaints you can fix, to deliver better customer experiences for all. Kaizen!

With Promoter plan, follow-up on new sales opportunities, and publish testimonials to your website and social channels in seconds.