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Upload customers to survey

Your customer contacts for recent transactions are sent to us automatically via an integration, uploaded, or emailed to us.

Step 1

Process survey launch data

Your contacts are prepped for survey launch. We remove any bad email addresses and duplicates. We then remove any customer previously invited to give you feedback in the last 3 months (90-day default) to avoid over-touching and annoying customers. Lastly, we remove any customer you chose to opt-out of receiving your surveys. Your email address is added to the launch file so you get the invite just as your customers.

Step 2

3-2-1 Launch!

Surveys are launched to your customer, and feedback starts rolling in. Seven (7) days later a reminder email is sent to your customers who have yet to respond to your request. Customer who indicate they are very likely to recommend your business are automatically encouraged to post online reviews after submitting their feedback.

Step 3

Get alerts & notifications

As survey feedback rolls in, you'll be kept informed throughout the process. You can recieve alerts any time customers indicate they cannot recommend your business, when new feedback responses have been provided during the prior day, and helpful weekly summaries of your results.

Step 4

Turn feedback into actions

That which you do not measure, cannot be improved! From within LoyaltyLoop you'll be able to monitor satisfaction levels, publish testimonials to your website, follow-up on leads and referrals, and develop a clear understanding of what is working in your businss and what needs to improve.

Step 5

"Rinse and repeat"

Repeat the entire process on the next schedule launch cycle. Regular and frequent launches ensure you gather timely feedback, keep online reviews current and growing, indentifies changing customer attitudes over time, and helps create fresh customer content for your marketing.

Step 6
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