Simple and Effective Survey Process

Let our experts and systems manage the process for you

Step 1

Upload contacts

Your customer contacts for recent transactions are sent to us automatically via an integration, uploaded, or emailed to us.

Step 2

Process survey launch data

Bad email addresses, duplicates, and opt-outs are removed from your launch list. And we remove any customer previously invited to give you feedback in the last 90-days (or as set by you) to avoid 'over-touching' customers.

Step 3


Surveys are launched and feedback starts rolling in. Seven (7) days later a reminder email is sent to customers who have not taken the survey.

Customers who are very likely to recommend your business are automatically encouraged to post online reviews.

Step 4

Get alerts & notifications

Stay informed throughout the process. Get email alerts any time customers are unsatisfied, when new feedback is provided, and more.

Step 5

Turn feedback into actions

That which you do not measure, cannot be improved! From within LoyaltyLoop you'll be able to monitor satisfaction levels, publish testimonials to your website and share them on social channels, follow-up on leads and referrals, and clearly understand where you need to make improvements.

Step 6

"Rinse and repeat"

Repeat the entire process on the next schedule launch cycle. Regular and frequent launches ensure you gather timely feedback, keep online reviews fresh and growing, and identify changing customer attitudes.