March 2018

What is LoyaltyLoop?

LoyaltyLoop is the latest version of our customer satisfaction feedback service, replacing CustomerPulse. All software products have the need to evolve as new technologies come into practice and it is time for us to retire CustomerPulse. LoyaltyLoop is built from the ground up using modern web development techniques to ensure it behaves like other modern web applications, and is capable of being extended by our team as new features are required to meet your needs. You'll find LoyaltyLoop will feel fresh, faster and more intuitive than its predecessor.

Will LoyaltyLoop replace CustomerPulse?

Yes. LoyaltyLoop is the successor to our CustomerPulse service. All SurveyAdvantage customers who are subscribed to either CustomerPulse (basic version) or CustomerPulse with Marketing Module (enhanced version) will be migrated to the corresponding LoyaltyLoop plan in the coming months.

What are some of the new features in LoyaltyLoop?

LoyaltyLoop will give you a single place to access all your customer feedback results. It consolidates your General Report and Dashboard into a single, more intuitive interface. Here are just some of the new features:

  • Create Users to control which employees can access your service.
  • Monitor your customer satisfaction trend (Net Promoter ScoreSM) right from your LoyaltyLoop home page in an easy-to-read chart with editable date range.
  • New Satisfaction Thermometer sitting on top of your customer satisfaction chart. At a glance, it shows your overall customer satisfaction level for all time.
  • View your individual customer responses on a single page, sorted with your more recent responses displayed at the top of the list. Use the new filters to isolate the info you're looking for.
  • Publish (or un-publish) multiple testimonials simultaneously, or one at a time.
  • Hide testimonials you have already read and decided not to publish, so you can focus on just the newest ones.
  • Control who should receive email alerts, such as Poor Survey Alerts and Weekly Summary Reports;
  • And much more!

How will this affect how my customers view/take my survey?

Your customers will not see any difference in the way they experience your survey. Your email requests for feedback, your actual survey, and your Thank You pages will remain the same. What is changing is how your survey results are presented to you - making it easier to access your results, understand, and use them.

When will we be migrated to LoyaltyLoop?

In the coming weeks you we will receive an email indicating your migration date. This email will be sent initially, and another one sent about one (1) week later. Both emails will be sent to all contacts we have for your company ensuring everyone is informed of your pending migration.

On the migration date, all your historical survey result data will be ported by our Support Team to your new LoyaltyLoop account. A primary user account will be created for your company, and this person (and our Support Team) can create additional users for your account. Finally, the primary user will receive an email from us confirming your migration is complete, and offer you a live walk-through of your new LoyaltyLoop system with our Support Team at a convenient time for you.

What will happen to my previously published testimonials?

Nothing. All previously published testimonials will remain published on your webiste and visible in your LoyaltyLoop dashboard. It is possible that some very old testimonials may not be carried forward, but that will be the exception not the rule.

Will this cost me anything?

No, not a thing. Your existing subscription and pricing remain unchanged.

What do I need to do at this time?

Nothing other than be aware of this pending upgrade, and watch for email stating your migration date.

Why are you changing the name from CustomerPulse to LoyaltyLoop?

What's in a name? While we love the name CustomerPulse, we feel the name LoyaltyLoop better represents our overarching goal of helping you build loyal relationships with your customers.

Do you have other enhancements planned for LoyaltyLoop?

Yes, absolutely. We have many additional enhancements planned for 2018 that will continue to build upon the new LoyaltyLoop platform, aimed specifically at making the service easier to use, richer in functionality, and yet continue to deliver amazing value for your hard-earned money.