December 2023

New Feature

New Integration for PressWise

presswise logo

Software: SmartSoft PressWise

Automation: API Integration

LoyaltyLoop and SmartSoft are proud to release a new integration for PressWise. The new PressWise Integration Add-On is available now, and is 100% free! Using the Add-On provides a new level of simplicity to gather customer feedback following a PressWise transaction.

Instead of manually exporting and uploading (or emailing) transaction contacts to LoyaltyLoop, the Add-On automatically sends PressWise contacts to your LoyaltyLoop.

When the Sales Date is set in PressWise indicating the job is done, the contact associated with that transaction get sent to LoyaltyLoop on a daily basis.

By using this free integration, not only is there no effort to get contacts to-be surveyed into your LoyaltyLoop, but your survey can be sent to customers as soon as the next day. Moving the feedback request closer to when the customer experienced your business can increase both the quality and quantity of responses.

By default, the Add-On will send your surveys on a weekly basis on Tuesdays, and impose a 3-day delay to give the customer time to experience your products and services. You can increase that frequency to daily with no delay, or adjust it otherwise, by contacting our support team.

Key Advantages of this Integration Include:

  • Set it, and forget it!
  • Engage the customer soon after their transaction
  • Send requests as often as daily
  • Save time (and money) not running report queries

It takes seconds to connect PressWise to LoyaltyLoop to use this free integration. Find the simple steps on our PressWise Integration Add-On page.

New Feature

New Integration for PlanProphet

PlanProphet logo

Software: PlanProphet CRM

Automation: API Integration

You got chocolate in my peanut butter! Hey, you got peanut butter on my chocolate! It is always great to find services where 1 plus 1 equals 3! That is what you get with the new integration from your friends at LoyaltyLoop and PlanProphet.

This new integration will be officially released in January during the PlanProphet Champion Summit. But we're so excited to bring a new level of value and efficiency to printers running both systems, that we couldn't wait to tell you. With this new integration, printers will be able to understand their customer relationships better than ever before, and leverage automations to close more business faster.

With this new integration, your PlanProphet contact and account views will show you the LoyaltyLoop results for that customer. You’ll see how they responded to survey questions, helping you gain insight into that customer from inside your CRM. And if you rely on Prophet Alerts, LoyaltyLoop Poor Feedback Alerts will now appear on that list to help you and your team to take quick action. At any time, you can launch directly into your LoyaltyLoop account from inside PlanProphet. There is no additional cost for these great features of the integration.

In addition to viewing results, your LoyaltyLoop Opportunities (Leads and Referrals from happy customers) will flow into PlanProphet automatically. You then automatically engage these customers to help close business using the power of PlanProphet automated campaigns (Additional charges apply. Please contact PlanProphet for details).

Activating the integration is quick and easy. Check out our PlanProphet LoyaltyLoop Integration page for more details.

New Feature

New Integration for Workiz

Workiz logo

Software: Workiz

Automation: API Integration

Running a service business is never easy. But automating the process of asking customers for feedback and reviews can be!

With the new Workiz integration by LoyaltyLoop, service professionals and service companies can simplify their process of getting feedback and reviews following the completion of a job.

You have plenty of work to do, and the process of requesting feedback and Google reviews is fully automated with this new FREE integration. Gather immediate feedback about the job, your staff, and automatically encourage the customer to post their review on Google.

Watch your Google review count grow without lifting a finger! Take your customer's feedback to heart, and make improvements that will strengthen your business and brand.

Connecting your Workiz to LoyaltyLoop is a breeze too! Check out our Workiz LoyaltyLoop Integration page for more details.

New Feature

View Launch History by Contact

Here's a great new feature! Have you ever wanted to see all the instances when a specific contact was sent your survey? Now you can, right from your Customer view.

Click your Customers from the left main menu, then (1) search for the customer in question. Then, (2) click the "Feedback Request History" button to expose a panel showing every time they were sent your survey.

NOTE: Hovering-over each date will show you when the customer responded to that survey request too.

New Feature

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